Another bible story apparently plagerized from an older story.

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  • Crazyguy

    We are all familiar with the story of the god Jehovah saving Jerusalem from the Assyrians by sending and Angel that killed 185000 soldier's. Well Heradodus a 5 century BCE historian related a story he heard from Egyptian priests. They told him that the god Ptah sent rats into the camp of the Assyrians which ate the bow strings of the troops and they then left in dismay, saving Egypt. So we can now add this story to an ever growing list of stories the bible writer's took and reworked for themselves.

    We also know the bible story is just a story because after the king of Assyria left Jerusalem he went on to defeat several other nations Waring against him, he continued to live several more years and his son takes the throne after his death. If 185000 troops were killed he would have had to run home in utter defeat, his kingdom would have been over throne by his enemies and he would most likely been killed ending the Assyrian empire.

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