Tell me this is not more locker room talk!

by JaniceA 8 Replies latest social current

  • JaniceA

    these look like nice, middle class boys going to uni, involved in sports, government, etc. They are pretty much standard college kids.

    So I ask the men here: is that the way most guys talk when no one is looking, or are they perverts who found their particular tribe?

  • Moster

    One word - disgusting

  • stillin

    There is no defense for this kind of stupid. And, no, not all men are like this.

  • freddo

    No not at all. They are a bunch of disgusting wankers. In all senses of the word.

  • TD

    Good god, no.

    Try looking at them as a man would look at them.

    I know it's primitive, perhaps even barbaric, but we do not establish pecking order in quite same way as women do

    We size each other up based on the possibility of physical conflict.

    Pencil necks do not have a lot respect among their peers and sometimes compensate for that in inappropriate ways.

  • zeb

    I am disgusted by this talk. They are warped.

    It is grossly immature and it seems they are out to 'out-do- each other.

    What the hell have they spent the past few years watching?

  • Vidiot

    Good luck landing consensual relationships now, assholes.

  • Tallon

    These idiots are not men; they are mice.

    My advice to any women is to steer clear of them.

  • JW_Rogue

    This is easy to explain, these young men aren't getting sex with the women they want so in their frustration they are lashing out with these "jokes," I doubt they mean any of it just trying to boost their own ego by putting others down.

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