MOTO-GP the Rossi vs Marquez controversy

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  • wozza

    If you've watched the race what do you think about the stoush on the track.

    I've always been a Rossi fan but after what happened in the race I'm really disappointed

  • maksutov
    I haven't seen it yet - I can only get the highlights which will be on tomorrow. But I thought last week at Philip Island was the best race of the season (unless you happened to be that seagull). I was a Rossi fan until I read his autobiography, and now I'm a bit ambivalent about him. I'd still like to see him win the championship this year though, and we do need characters like him to keep things interesting.
  • wozza
    Just been watching the clip slowly and it is clear that Marquez hits Rossi's leg first with his helmet ,and it looks like quick reaction on Rossi's part to push Marquez's helmet off his leg. Either way not good racing ,not like the phillip Island race that's for sure !
  • Simon
    I'm guessing "rubbing is racing" doesn't apply to bikes?
  • GoneAwol

    Rossi complained post race that Marc had held him up on purpose to let Lorenzo win the title. That's just racing. It happens in our club meets as well.

    Would love to see Rossi do a real race like the TT. He wouldn't last a lap....

    Ballaugh Bridge, Isle of Man.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Anyone but Rossi would have been disqualified for that move. The fact that he has been given 3 penalty points shows he was in the wrong. Needless to say the Rossi brigade are seeing things somewhat differently. Rose coloured spectacles comes to mind.

    Last week's race was the best MotoGP I have seen in years. Still can't match BSB though!

    Can you imagine Rossi v McGuiness at the IOM? Even after McG has had a few burgers for dinner!


  • maksutov
    Just seen the race. Rossi looked very dirty - what a disappointment. I'm now rooting for Lorenzo to win the championship.

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