IICSA child sex abuse inquiry public hearings under way

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    Will this enquiry eventually also be looking at the WTBTS?

    The independent inquiry was set up after the death of DJ Jimmy Savile in 2011 when hundreds of people came forward to say he had abused them as children.

    The hearings are taking place at the International Dispute Resolution Centre in central London, with the first phase concerning Australia expected to last 10 days.

  • Ruby456

    wow finally - thanks for the link

  • Phizzy

    It is starting with the poor kids sent to Australia 70 or so years ago.

    I think a number of us need to e-mail them to ensure they do look at the WT here in the U.K, and it's scandalous record.

    I get the impression the "powers that be" are hoping this inquiry will not dig too deep into anything, I bet the JW Org is hoping that too.

    : Edited to add : I just looked on their Site and they are NOT looking at the WT/JW's at all.

    I think they will say that the parameters are set, but that there is room for Survivors of JW abuse to give evidence despite JW's not being one of the 13 case Studies.

  • smiddy

    This inquirey in the UK has had so many false starts with people resigning before it even gets under way does not inspire confidence in the proceedings.

    Any and all Jehovahs Witnesses who have been abused sexually or otherwise need to stand tall to make their plight heard if their is to be any meaningful justice to occur in the UK.

    You need to speak out now or forever hold your tongue.This is your only chance.

    Take a leaf out of the Australian Royal Commission into Institutionalised sexual Abuse of Children and have your say.


    When I watched those "now elderly" victims breakdown when interviewed, the full extent of the damage that the abuse does really hit me very hard ! [BBC Report on Inquiry into the children who were shipped off to Australia].

  • zeb

    I have known as work colleagues some of these 'children of the empire'. Many were shipped out to Australia to institutions and were told their parents were dead killed by Nazi bombs when the parents were not dead. Two of these colleagues have returned to the UK and met their 'birth' mothers.

    For a country that had just come through the world war fighting against Hitler to run such am program of 'exporting' kids is just despicable. I wish the inquiry well and as Smiddy has said this is the once in alifetime golden shining opportunity to have your say. So if any of you in the UK have been savaged by jw beats then contact the inquiry to tell your story even if they don't have it scheduled If enough people make contact it beggars belief that they will not listen and take into account the stories they bring.

    My heart goes out to you all in the UK. Please review the ARC and see how the wt elders etc handled the questions put to them ..here.

  • Ruby456

    I think this enquiry was associated with a Truth commission and here Jehovahs witnesses got to tell their stories or i may be wrong on this

  • darkspilver


    Child abuse inquiry names victims in email

    The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 28 February 2017, page 14

    Officials forced to apologise and refer themselves to the regulator after data breach on first day of hearings

    Officials at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) have been forced to apologise to some of the victims after accidentally sending out a list of their email addresses on the first day of public hearings.

    Don’t lock up low-risk paedophiles, say police

    The Times, Tuesday 28 February 2017, front page

    Paedophiles who view indecent images should not be given any criminal sanction unless they pose a physical threat to children, according to Britain’s most senior child protection police officer.

    Simon Bailey said that the policing system had reached “saturation point” from increasing reports of sexual abuse, including online and historical cases. Lower-level offending should be decriminalised and dealt with through counselling and rehabilitation, said Mr Bailey, who takes the lead on child protection at the National Police Chiefs Council.

    He acknowledged that the stance would horrify many people but said that police forces had limited resources and needed to focus on offenders posing a threat of contact abuse. He said: “The police service [is] having to deal with an unprecedented volume of reports of non-recent abuse, ongoing abuse, online abuse, peer-to-peer abuse. The numbers are continuing to rise. We have reached saturation point . . . The police service has responded to the threat but it has now reached that point whereby we have to try and turn the tide. We have to look at alternatives.”

    The number of child abuse reports has risen by 80 per cent in three years. Police receive an average of 112 complaints a day and there are more than 70,000 investigations a year. Forces are also preparing for an estimated 40,000 reports of abuse from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, which began hearing evidence yesterday. The figure comes from modelling based on a similar public inquiry in Australia.

    Mr Bailey, head of Operation Hydrant, the national investigation into historical child sexual abuse, added: “How can the police service be expected to cope with all that if, in the margins, we are still having to deal with what I would describe as very, very low-risk offenders, who, based upon good risk assessments, pose little if any actual threat of contact abuse? . . . Those individuals that you can say with a degree of certainty genuinely don’t pose a physical threat — that to me seems to be a reasonable line [for an alternative approach].”


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