Demolition of one UK Kingdom Hall.

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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Among all this architect's plans is listed the demolition of a Kingdom Hall near Bishop's Stortford in England. Another one bites the dust.

  • punkofnice

    Paid for by the rank and file(tm) Jobos. Built for free by the rank and file(tm) Jobos (possibly). Maintained by the rank and file(tm) Jobos.

    Sold; and I would guess the Corporation rakes in the cash.

    I admit I haven't researched Bishop's Stortford Jobos....but, well. Y'know!

    The WBT$ has been what the Americans call a 'real estate' scam from back way.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Isn't it possible they could build another hall elsewhere in the town? A population of 40,000 is, or at least was, just about the threshold for an individual JW congregation but with the decline perhaps this is no longer the case.

    I looked on the internet and saw the Bishops Stortford Congregation charity registration. Apart from the excess of spending slightly above its income, it also has the claim that its work is:

    Distributing Bibles and other religious literature; also giving pastoral assistance to the congregation and the wider community.

    Who the charity helps

    • Other charities or voluntary bodies
    • The general public/mankind.

    (end of quotation from Charity details declaration of Bishops Stortford Congregation)

    This is plainly dishonest! The JW org helps no one in any practical sense, not even its own members (with the exception of token work for salvaging its own property in disaster relief which is disproportionately reported to form PR publicity).

    The word "pastoral" is a priestly word from the established church, here borrowed for the purpose of sounding like a bona fide charity. Since when does the JW org break with its principles and use Christendom's language? answer, When money is involved!

    What the JW org actually does is pronounce ever shifting dogma as if from God's mouth and then demand blind obedience to its rulings. The JW org ultimately just looks after the interests of the leaders of the JW org.

    Gis' another swig Tony!

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