Jesus name - a convoluted trip back to Jehovah

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    One popular criticism of JW doctrine, and rightly so, is their emphasis on God's name at the expense of Jesus. One inconvenient scripture in this respect is when Jesus says his followers would be persecuted "on account of my name". A question from a recent CLAM meeting addressed this.

    In the Bible, the term “name” at times stands for the person who bears the name, his reputation, and all that he represents. . . . In the case of Jesus’ name, it also stands for the authority and position that his Father has given him.

    So what is allegedly infered by extension is said to trump what it simply says. This tactic is similar to their requirements for Elders and Servants. Instead of just reading what the Bible literally says, they say that 'it was understood that taking the lead in field ministry was included in the requirements', and then they go and make that one of the main requirements, with servants falling below the monthly quota, even if regular, being deleted. (This happened twice in my congregation.)

  • Tenacious

    When Jesus said Christians would suffer on account of His name. THAT, is exactly what He meant. No ambiguity. No interpretation. No mystery.

    As a matter of fact, the NT is littered with expressions like this that clearly indicate it's Jesus name not Jehovah.

    But, when you are a devout Jehovah's Witness and believe the leaders over the Bible then you can basically tell them the sky is black and they'd believe it.


    Let’s review: It’s a cult!!


  • smiddy3

    And the Christian Greek Scriptures (New Testament) is full of scriptures that Christians are to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in one way or another . { more than twenty }

    Their is not one scripture in the Christian Greek scriptures that tells Christians in any way to be witnesses of Jehovah not one { 0 }

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