Is Jehovah God guilty of the Sin of Omission ?

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  • steve2

    "Millions of people choose to believe God under FAR worse conditions."

    True words. Perhaps one of the "worst" conditions - as noted by Richard Dawkins - is "accident of birth".

    Belief systems thrive in places where they have already been established as the "norm". Individuals grown up taught from infancy about "God's" will. Each generation of "believers" shapes those beliefs to meet contemporary outlooks. Which "sacred book" does your community generally accept as "truth" and/or "the Word of God/Allah"?

    "Truth" and "God's will" has the least to do with it.

    A notable trend in more recent and current attempts to make ancient teachings palatable to modern humanity has been to give those teachings a decidedly "reasonable" appearance, moving from stark announcements of "Thus saith the Lord" to "Let's reason on it". Chuck Russell is a prime example of the 19th century attempt to "contemporarize" an old, old message.

    No matter how much you spin ancient patriarchal religious teachings, they remain just that: ancient and patriarchal. Such spin evaporates under the very "method" it tries to use: "Reasoning".

  • Fisherman

    Here is a point of interest: The only penalty stated in Genesis that God directly pronounced against Eve was childbearing pain and the changed relationship between her husband and her - that is it. Each other pronouncent that God made was made consistently against the man. "THE man has become like one of us" "Expelled HIM from the garden of Eden."

    Also interesting is that Genesis does not state when Eve died or how old she was when she died or if Adam and Eve both died at the same time or who died first. Or if she died at all -- although it can be deduced that she did as surely as Adam did. Neither can the date of the creation of Eve be extrapolated.

    Genesis does not say that Adam and Eve experienced old age or whether Adam was executed directly by God at age 930 or that he died from old age. It can be deduced that Adam died just as God has said.

    Referenced supporting scriptures are from the NWT.

  • Fisherman


  • Fisherman

    Compare "him" "them" and "the man" in Gen 1:27 NWT.

  • sparrowdown

    Meh "Jehovah" smehovah. These tales of so-called "do this or else" as written by men and interpreted by men have been used by religion for thousands of years to control people. When you are trying to control people with fear the less detail you give the more effective the fear.

  • Finkelstein

    Quite true sparrowdown

  • atomant

    One way or another man will find the answers if they dont destroy themselves first.Technology is increasing in leaps and bounds.

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