Crocodile tears

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Assembly experiences. Brother so and so gets sick goes to hospital, refuses blood, dies; leaving widow and orphans. "I am SO sorry ". Then the experience continues--usual meals and such, then the bastards actually took the family door to door within a few days. Not to a movie, museum or.

    • I will give credit for mentioning that this is a lifelong trauma.
    • I dont know where I got bullets, computer illiterate
  • waton

    highlight of any bad experience; the victim finds final solace in pioneering,

  • FedUpJW

    highlight of any bad experience; the victim finds final solace in pioneering,

    I remember some years ago a sister, the wife of an arrogant jerk substitute C.O., gave her 'perience on the Circus Assembly. She was gushing along about how piousneering was sooo wonderful. About how it made all problems seem so insignificant. That was on Sunday. On Wednesday she went to Walmart and bought a shotgun and checked into a flea-bag motel. On Thursday she put the barrel in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

    Yep, running the piousneer hamster wheel sure made her happified.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Did pioneering truly make "all problems insignificant?"

    The poor woman obviously had serious problems which her faith, pioneering, and the 'wisdom' of the JW organisation could not cure. Her actions demonstrated that instead of answering her problems, the likes of which we all have in life, they were simply left unresolved to fester inside until she had suffered enough.

    It surely is much better to honestly recognise the fact if we have serious concerns than be bullied into conformity by others.

    Instead of helping us to grow emotionally and psychologically, being a JW, especially for a woman, adds a new set of burdens in submitting to the authority of husband and the elders. On top of that there is no escaping the situation or disagreeing without being pilloried.

    There is a dreadful tendency amongst JWs to wear the mask of Kingdom happiness to smother pressing internal conflicts. Was there ever any gain in becoming a pawn in a religious cult?

  • blubberyk9
    "Was there ever any gain in becoming a pawn in a religious cult?"

    Do you now have any further understanding of how others might be so caught up? Without the experience yourself, it might be difficult to understand. This, admittedly, is small consolation especially if one was mistreated while there. A net gain? I doubt it.

    Nonetheless, I do not consider it a complete loss. I did learn something, after all.

  • Giordano

    In the years I came up as a JW........late 1950's to mid 1960's it was a more open religion. Plenty of parties and gatherings.

    Freddy Franz was pissing out his theology in every WT mag. We thought this was all normal. He pissed and we accepted it. Back then people went to church each week just like the JW's. We didn't celebrate birthdays or Christmas but everyone had a turkey on thanksgiving.

    With no internet we just accepted the JW religious bull crap. We could go on a date, dance like crazy at a party. Take long breakfasts or lunches out in service. The fellowship would often be the highlight of our week.

    Guy's usually headed to Bethel instead of collage. The Missionary work was like a bright light. Early marriages prevailed as did pioneering........... the wife and I lived in the basement of our parents home as we spent needless time pioneering.

    Being a JW was a really low life style. We were entirely invisible to our non JW community.

    We left in our 20's and it took us until we were we were in our early 30's to actually feel like we were finally living in the real world. Decent jobs, other non JW family to associate with and new friends. Today it would take a person two weeks to realize what BS (the internet) this religion is.

    Family discontent has become worse both for JW's and or those wanting to leave. Shunning has increased....... thank you Gov Body.

    I still have contact with a few JW's and to be honest I don't know what they believe any more.....nor do they.

    The best they can come up with is an embarrassed shrug.

  • WTWizard

    And why did they get sick in the first place? These idiots go wasting so much time in field circus that they can't get enough sleep or a decent job. This stress adds up to higher risk of many diseases, including ones that could "require" a blood transfusion. In addition, the chronic lack of sleep results in more accidents in field circus, combined with going out in lousy conditions (icy, dense fog, heavy rain, etc) that create hazards. I wonder how many of these "needed" blood transfusions, whether or not they actually get them, result from this activity.

    Beyond this, I wonder how many are going to die as a result of this coronavirus, and out of those, how many is because they simply did not prepare and now are faced with famine or getting in fights for basic items. And some will pick up the virus, either at the door or from others that picked it up at the door and spread it through their congregations. With lousy sleep and poor nutrition, many will get very sick and possibly die where they might otherwise have gotten mild cases or none at all. And during the next few months or years, they will be ballyhooing all those who suffered or lost family members or spouses because of the virus or in a fight or shortage related to the panic.

    As for me, I will not worship any god that benefits when I get sick or hurt, and face stupid hardships. I am not giving anything to those jokehovians that claim to need it, because they had the same opportunities back in late January up to now to prepare as I did. They had access to the same information--I started just before the food stamps came out in February. Any god that would rather I suffer while it drags its feet in helping me is totally worthless.

    Or that causes this issue. We have had two incidents where Abrahamic cults have been the seed for coronavirus in a region. One was in South Korea, where a xian cult got it going in that region. Then a jewish synagogue seeded it in the area near New York City--the rabbi was the one that had it, and spread it through the synagogue. What's next, Islam? Perhaps they seeded it in Iran? It is the same god they worship, with different names. And that god did not stop people from catching coronavirus and seeding it into a whole area. Why would I want to worship such a garbage god at all?

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS active machine is one of self supporting biased propaganda, particularly at Assemblies.

    Brother so and so gets sick goes to hospital, refuses blood, dies; leaving widow and orphans. " I am SO sorry "

    How about another happy event or circumstance ....

    Brother goes to hospital dearly sick, doctors recommend a blood transfusion, brother recovers and leaves the hospital healthy to return home where wife and children are happy and relieved father is home living, family continues on living happy and in love.

    Everyone involved including the doctors conducted themselves in a Christian way by helping to cure and tend the sick out love and respect, Jesus Christ's greatest commandment.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
    the victim finds final solace in pioneering,

    In my personal experience,hardly any solace buddy!

    I was a pioneer, so went round like a zombie talking to myself and crying my eyes out.Then knocking on a feww doors,stopping coz found it difficult to carry on ,then crying again. No Jokovah really did not do anything for me nor my so called spiritual bros n sisters,sadly.

    Did pioneering truly make "all problems insignificant?"

    No way,it was always there just pushed aside to make room for pioneering /getting your hours in.Once thats over, your grief, sadness,depression, disappointment,hopelessness comes to the forefront coz that was the reality . Not the FOG I was living in!

    "The God Of All Comfort" is still a fairy tale phrase to me coz I experienced no such thing !


  • LongHairGal


    It was also my observation that getting immersed in JW activities just pushed people’s problems to the side..Once the FOG cleared, the person’s problems were still there.

    I always felt the religion promoted an unhealthy mentality of not facing up to reality and it was contrary to my upbringing. What always kept me grounded in reality when I was in the religion was that I worked full time...No room for fantasy there!..

    Even though reality isn’t always pleasant, I would never have traded places with some hardcore JWs who were totally immersed in the unreality of the religion. (This is no different IMO than being in a drugged or drunken stupor!).. Good luck to them in their retirement years. Maybe they married well or have a family with a business, etc.

    I just knew I had to look out for myself and have no regrets about that.

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