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  • careful

    Having been out for a long time, I'm wondering in what year the change in circuit assemblies took place when they went from two days to just one. Anyone know for sure?

    Thanks in advance.

  • wifibandit

    February 17, 2014 TO ALL CONGREGATIONS Re: Adjustments in organizational terminology and assembly arrangements

    Furthermore, beginning with the 2015 service year, circuit assemblies will be one day in length. Two such assemblies will be held each service year. The term “special assembly day” will no longer be used to denote a one-day circuit assembly.

    So this means the First of these new one day assemblies was held on Saturday September 5, 2015.

  • darkspilver
    careful: Having been out for a long time

    How long is 'a long time'?

    The one-day 'Special Assembly Day' was introduced as a replacement for one of the two annual two-day circuit assemblies from September 1987.

    Kingdom Ministry, February 1987

    Simplification Helps Us to “Make Sure of the More Important Things”


    By means of a letter from the Society, all congregations have learned that, starting September 1987, each circuit will have one circuit assembly a year.


    For a number of years now, about half of the circuits in this country have had opportunity to hold a special event each year, featuring a speaker from Brooklyn Bethel. On such occasions a two- or three-hour program has been presented. The Society is adjusting this arrangement so that beginning September 1987, it will be possible for each circuit or section of a circuit to have a special assembly day.

    This means that the first of these new one day 'Special Assembly Days' could have taken place on Saturday, September 5, 1987

  • careful

    wifiB: thanks. That's the info I was looking for.

    DS: yeah, I vaguely remember that. At about that time I was beginning to tune out and grappling with what I was going to do with the org and my future. It took a while to work it all out.

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