Return to Sender: JW letter

by moomanchu 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • moomanchu

    Got a JW letter in the mail the other day.

    I decided to throw some comments back. Not perfect, but I figured I wasted enough time since it will probably get thrown directly in the trash.

    I found the person's home address who sent it and mailed it there, the address on the letter is the kingdom halls address.

    Curious to see if anything comes of this.

  • WingCommander

    The address at the top is their Kingdom Hall address, so if you sent it back there, it was a waste of time. If you found the person's home address, you did good.

    However, I also received one of these where the person gave their HOME ADDRESS. Oh boooy! You should have seen the multi-page biblical beat down and dose of "Truth" I sent back to them. lol

  • DesirousOfChange

    At least it is not hand written by some kid who is pioneering.

  • Ding

    Unfortunately, they will probably just toss it in the trash, but you never know...

  • moomanchu
    WingCommander He gave his name so I easily found his home address.
    I have never been in the Orefield congregation so I don't know him.

    I am originally from the Emmaus congregation, then the Parkway c.and lastly the South Allentown c.

    No more congregations for me!

    I actually think it helps you to get out if you change up congregations a few times.

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