J.W. Stabbed to Death

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  • Kenneson

    From El Paso, Texas comes a report of a J.W. stabbed to death. Hector Hugo Juarez, 19, a graduate of Irvin High School, was killed by Jacob Ortiz, 17, a senior from the same school. Police believe the death was a result from a feud over a girl that began on Saturday. See "Family mourns son. Fatal stabbing linked to fight over weekend" at


  • Special K
    Special K

    Sad... another unnecessary loss of life here.


    Special K

  • Gopher

    Since Monday, rumors had circulated around the campus that Juarez was going to confront Ortiz because of the fight Saturday over a girl, Amaya said.

    "That guy (Juarez) was known for doing real bad things to people. I would have felt threatened too," Amaya said.

    It sounds to me (from reading the above) that maybe the victim wasn't a JW anymore, but grew up as one. The mother spoke of HER faith in the resurrection, but didn't say anything about his faith as a JW. Further, he was dating (or pursuing) a non-JW.

    Whatever the case, his violent end was tragic and unnecessary.

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