WOL Alumni? (Big Ray's Witnesses Online)

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  • Phaedra

    Years ago I was a member of Big Ray's Witnesses Online discussion board, when I was a questioning JW, which seemed to have come at a time when many were leaving of Obed Fernandez's witnessesonline, which went off air. I'm wondering if anyone who use to post there is here and out?

    Obed posted a link to this site (Simon's) when it closed, which helped facilitate my next step out of the JW organization.

    No matter, my hats off to both Obed and Big Ray for the space they each created for the processing I needed as a JW. I made a few friends on WN and WOL and wonder if they ever saw TTATT.

  • Simon

    Yeah, I remember WOL - it was the JWTalk of it's day.

    Some people wanted to disrupt it, I preferred to keep things civil and not treat then like the enemy and I think Obed appreciated that.

    Even the pro-JW boards have a part to play in people's exit - getting people to talk about their beliefs with people who aren't in their immediate command-and-control congregation is a positive step IMO

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