JW Cart Witnessing = ONE BIG JOKE

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  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Was talking to a good buddy of mine a couple days ago (we pioneered and were in Bethel together and have both left the cult a few years ago), about the current cart and d. And the consensus was that it is now a COMPLETE JOKE.

    Was watching a couple witnesses last week sit at a table with their literature display. No approaching people for conversation, no initiating stimulating dialogue with passerbys, as was encouraged when I "pioneered" back in the day. Nope. This pair just sat there for hours aimlessly shooting the breeze watching people walk on by.

    My dyed-in-the-wool pioneer JW mom had a shift on the cart witnessing and telling me that you've got to be approved by the service committee in order to be qualified to sit there aimlessly for hours, which is just stupefying to me.

    What a joke! If I was still in the cult, I would be pining to get out so bad. This is the best creative time wasting maneuver they can come up with now??!! What a complete and total waste of time!

    This cult is not only destructive (as we've discussed ad nauseum on several occasions), but it truly stunts personal growth and development. Imagine if all that wasted time could be converted into bettering yourself through college education or doing community service or charitable works.

  • stuckinarut2


    Very good comments!

    The ones I see just sit in a park (except when the weather is hot, or cold, or wet, or dry, or windy, or too sunny...)

    No one stops....

    It is selfish time wasting designed to promote the witness internally....the public don't care about it all

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The door to door work was great for exercising the cart work not so good for the body.

    I hated the door to door walk but if I was still a JW I would love the cart work , count

    your hours and never speak to anyone.LOL

  • sparrowdown

    There is only one cart set up where I live and it's the same siters every week.

    The good news is I have not observed actual D2D witnessing in my area for a couple years now. It used to be that I could not leave the house and do errands without seeing a group of about 4-6 of them congregated on corners and going house to house, but I never see them anymore not even during "special campaign" months.

    Not one, not a peep!

    The lack of activity all seems to be since the introduction of the carts and the website.

    This area was very visibly active a few ago, they prided themselves on it - not now though.

  • nonjwspouse

    the d2d here in my neighborhood is practically zero for at least 10 years

  • Watchtower-Free
  • skin

    Last weeks Watchtower Study said this in para 3:

    3 Were Jesus’ disciples to be passive, waiting for people to come to them? Definitely not!

    Is not that what cart witnessing is about?

  • jookbeard

    an utter pointless waste of everyone's time, the R&F know it, the old adage about it "keeping them busy" is a myth and fallacy now, its sheer pointlessness and stupidity is really beyond any sense and logic, its days are numbered.


    JW Cart Witnessing = ONE BIG JOKE

    What Could Be..................Maybe Jesus..

    Dumber Than This?.........On A Pogo Stick?..

    ....Image result for Watchtower literature carthttps://inklingscommunity.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/jesus-on-pogo-stick-ani.gif

  • joe134cd

    I've actually seen more Mormons going D2D than I have JWs.

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