I received a "Come Back to Jehovah" letter

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  • TTATT_Paladin

    As a TTATT Paladin, this was actually a declaration of war. But, I will let the guy slide this time!

    Anyway, I read the first part of it, but for selfish reasons. I thought he would get specific about his time out of JWs and his cheating on his wife, etc. *Bzzzz* Wrong! No salacious details. ;-)

    I never left the Jehovah that I know, I left the Jehovah I was fooled by JWs about.

  • scratchme1010
    I never left the Jehovah that I know, I left the Jehovah I was fooled by JWs about.

    That's amazing that you have such clarity. Hopefully they don't get pushier so you need to get the police involved. Chances are that they can't care less about you or your well being; they just want to have the last word.

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    It always puzzles me why jw are trying to bring someone who is clearly never coming back. It seems some of them think that by pretending to be friendly it will get them somewhere. Well actually it does work. I have seen many times how elders and overseers enjoy flattery 😂😂

  • Finkelstein

    Jehovah and his son wants their faithful followers to stand away from false prophets, Jesus instructed this himself and he also admonished his followers to not make a time upon god's own sacred time, the Watchtower Publishing house and its leaders are not loyal to Jehovah and have been disobedient as well, according to Scripture.

    Being a JWS is just supporting and amercing oneself in the sins of other men.

  • steve2

    JWs use this tactic of letter writing because of the principle of "intermittent reinforcement": Every so often, it works. They get a nice buzz by re-establishing contact and some people do go back.

    Moreover, letter-writing is a known preferred method of counting time for (some) JWs.

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