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  • The freewheeling
    The freewheeling

    I have for some time been writing critical articles about different topics related to Jehovah's Witnesses on a blog. But now I have made my own website of all that material. The website is made in my own language, Swedish. The site name is translated: The truth about the truth. In Swedish the first letter of each word appropriate forms the word SOS, "Sanningen Om Sanningen".

    The website is quite simple to begin with, and currently contains 25 articles in 14 subjects.

    I was hoping that I kunnde get some general advice on how I should go on with this project.

    ...and do you know if someone who reads Swedish so please mention it.

    The address is www.sanningenomsanningen.se

  • Chook

    May your site be lucky ,blessed and have good fortune. Yours is a labour of love.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Keep adding to your website. I'm sure it will be a success.

  • Fernando

    Well done.

    I liked the discussion of "two classes" of Christians.


  • jaydee

    I used to play on Xbox live with a couple of swedes,

    (G-day Erik if you ever read this.....lol) One of the greatest guys I ever met.

    I never could beat him at soccer......

    and they told me that Sweden is not a religious country

    I thought that Sweden was too smart for Watchtower BS

    Image result for sweden soccer ball small

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