The Case of Randy M - WTBTS & Legal Liability

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  • Listener

    I've been listening to a guy called Randy M, I believe an ex JW who was suing some Elders and the WTBTS for damage in relation to his business. He has recorded his conversation with the Bethel Legal Department (John Miller) about it to see if his problems could be dealt with in a satisfactory manner. I'm not on top of all the issues but wanted to highlight some of the more interesting aspects.

    Randy and John (the Bethel Legal guy) agree that religions are given a lot of freedom to act as they want but they are not allowed to interfere. Randy states that he was initially only considering compensation of hundreds of dollars but due to the lack of action on the Org's part and if things did not progress in a satisfactory manner then the Org. would be facing a law suit in the millions. Apparently Randy reviewed a Scientology case where they were required to pay a person who's business was damaged based on the value of their own (Scientology's) net worth. John pointed out that the WTBTS is worth a lot more and therefore the payout would be much greater.

    There is some interesting information at the 25.10 mark and I'll summarize it below.

    John pretends to take the idea of being sued for millions as personal, maybe in the hope of being emotionally manipulative.

    John says that they (the WTBTS) has liability insurance and points out that it is not until they pay out the initial thousands of dollars, which comes out of Watchtower first. Then John says that he's kinda hoping that 2 of the Elders in the case have homeowners insurance and if they don't then anything they are found as being liable to pay Randy is then paid by the WTBTS. He wants John to keep that in mind (because Randy has told them that he wants to remain a JW earlier on).

    Towards the end of the recording John suggests to Randy that he tell as few people as possible about the WTBTS being sued.

  • berrygerry

    Not sure if there is another post about this fellow - who has become another exJW youtuber.

    Fairly long videos, but the skinny seems to be elders protecting a pedo (now in prison).

    Randy was calling them out, and they went after him.

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