Wt"s implicit lies in this week's study.

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  • waton

    for lurkers. headship principles that wt wants to hide. using implicit lies. It is really about the females in the cong, ( see opening song), and head covering,

    they should take an example the royal family, the fashionable hats in public for the ruling ladies.

    wt writers cite the example of the apostle Paul's respectfully honouring sisters, (as these surely deserve!), but wt lyingly hides his direct instruction, the "Lord's commandment" on women teaching in the congregation. keeping silent. 1 Cor 14. ITim. 2. and

    Trying to hide, absconding their, wt's, the GB's personal responsibility for failures --by saying again the 3rd time:" we are not master's over your faith" therefore fate, --- and downloading responsibility for elder's appointment, actions on the hapless, asset-less Circuit Overseers. in effect saying, if you follow us and failed, no now life now, it is your fault. your foolish faith.

    wt admitting slyly, that sisters teach in the congregation , not the "benjamins", junior males, but really the big cheeses in the congregations too. so,

    a masterly whitewash of the ideas, the truth behind the power structure of the supposedly only rue biblical religion"

    worthy of the talking snake story, where the lady took the lead down the garden path, the man better follow suit or suffer the consequences. and religion has profited ever since.

  • waton

    The Queen of England is the head of the Anglican Church. wears a hat all the time.

    wt ladies should wear a hat on their head all the time they teach in the congregation. They teach in the congregations all the time, and not just by example christian manners to "younger women" if

    they claim to support the wt BIBLE tract society inc.

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