Why self identifying religious Prophets like the JWS are dangerous and harmful to humanity ?

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    Charismatic religious leaders typically exploit human weaknesses to empower themselves by luring whoever they can to be under their subjective control, but what are the consequences ?


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  • Finkelstein
  • stillin

    Fink, I have a friend who has a serious drinking problem. After binging for a month his family got him de-toned last week and got him into a church-based rehab program. He lasted a day and a half. They leaned on him to accept the Lord into his heart and run up and down tha church aisle with his hands in the air, like they were doing. He had the good sense to recognize bullshit when he saw it and informed them that he didn't believe the way they do.

    They promptly told him to pack his bag, after which they dumped him off at a corner store that sells beer, in the middle of nowhere. He said they were cold as ice (not the beer, the people.)

    Shows to go ya

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