YouTube Video: Dedicated to the survivors of JW Child Sexual Abuse (4 min. 16 sec.)

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  • AndersonsInfo
  • LV101

    Thank you, AndersonInfo, for all your hard work and relentless effort to help the victims of child sexual abuse.

    I didn't think I'd make it through the video clip but glad I did.

  • wannaexit

    Thank you Barb for all your hard work through the years.

  • smiddy3

    Thank you barbara and Joe for supporting you for all you do to bring attention to this problem of child abuse .In that video as it seems to happen in all of these cases , the WT/JW always seem to reach out to the perpetrator of the crime but never the child victim ? Am I missing something here ? or is that really true.?

    One other thing that i would like to point out that never seems to be discussed at all in these situations /discussions is the reality of children and their sexuality.

    Here goes , I can only speak from a male point of view .

    At a very early age ,pre-teens boys will get erections for no apparent reason and out of the blue and masturbation gives relief from that .

    So when an adult takes advantage of that and manipulates a child to be a party to that in the boys innocence the WT/JW considers them to be complicit in wrongdoing .?

    The adult knows it is wrong , the child is confused and knows he has these feelings and is manipulated by an adult to go along with this abuse ,which can go on for many years .

    Its not the child`s fault , he she has been manipulated .

    Maybe someone can articulate a female point of view of a pre-teen.

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