Jehovahs Witness/sport/music/celebrity/status and ,contrast that with those denied that experience as JW`s.Young ones today.

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  • smiddy

    We all know about the" world famous" jehovahs witnesses who have had successfull careers in the sport and entertainment, and literature world ,and if your new to this board google it.

    What about the young JW`s who see this and are told this is not for a JW ,its making a name for yourself where you should be highlighting Jehovahs name and his organization.

    But do the young ones see the organization taking the successfull JW`s in their field to task for making a name for themselves ? No. Why not ?

    If they can get away with it why cant they ? Iwant to be a world skater ?I want to be a 1st class footballer? I want to be a songwriter singer ,I want to be a first class tennis player . They all have the potential to be just that.

    Yet the Governing Body ,the Elders will discourage them from taking that course.

    Do the young ones /teenagers see the hypocricy of the GB denying them of their chance to make something of themselves in this world ?in the field that they excell in ?

    And not speaking out about those who claim to be Jehovahs Witnesses and speaking to the media identyfying themselves as such ? who are successfull in their fields ? and they are not called out upon by the GB as not representing officially as one of Jehovahs witnesses.

    Why dont they do that .?

  • Vidiot

    Same reason they don't condemn Islamic extremists.

    They lack the balls, and only pick fights they think they'll win.

  • smiddy

    Thanks Vidiot you probably hit the nail on the head.

    I just wonder how many gifted children were denied their potential by parents who followed the GB/JW line in discouraging their own children from reaching their goals in what field they excelled in .

    Do their parents ever lament such a decision ?

    Do the children ever hold a grudge over their parents for not letting them pursue their dream?

    I know how I would feel now if I had prevented my son from advancing in a field he excelled in because of this religion and he lost his opportunities to progress further.

  • Crazyguy

    I do I'm sill pissed that my youth was pissed away because of the lies of the cult !

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I knew a young JW guy (still in high school) who's dad was a faded JW, mom was a reactivated JW, and he decided to give up a career in golfing (he was in the fast track, and thought he really could have made it to the pro) so that he could "do more for Jehovah."

    A few years later, he was married.... a few after that, he had a son, a few after that... he woke up.

    His dreams were stolen by lies.

  • Crazyguy

    I knew a guy that was a good athlete but wasn't allowed to play in school. He dropped out and helped his parents work their business because who needs school with the end being so near. He did play football around town , that's the sport he love the most and when he was a bit older people would ask him what college did he play for since he was so good they assumed he was also playing at college. But nope no college just work.

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