1984 New World Translation-Large Print-With References-PDF!

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  • Atlantis

    This Bible appears on the Watchtower website but not for download. Well, Atlantis has taken care of that problem. (Large brown Bible, 1,602 pages, with references). (Mr. wifi, please mirror and add to your files.)


    1984, New World Translation, Large Print, With References-PDF
    Click the green download button on this page.
    Vulcan! (Petra's dad visiting during holidays and I see Atlantis is getting out his fishing rod. Good reason to get some cold ones for the cooler.)
  • NeonMadman
    The green download button is greyed out and says "Locked." Unlocking it appears to require a code. Have the WT's lawyers gotten involved so quickly?
  • Atlantis

    Ok, I will have to use a different hosting site because this file might be too large. I'll be back after I upload it to filedropper.

    Thanks NeonMadman!


  • skin
    That link works for me, started downloading, but then I saw the size of the file to download. So I stopped it. To big. Thanks anyway.
  • Atlantis
    Ok, try this:
    Click the link
    Click Download this file
    Enter code
    Then click Download now.

  • Magnum

    Thank You!!! This is the only edition of the NWT that I didn't have in electronic form, and I've been searching for it. Now I can get rid of my hard copy. Oh, and the last link worked great (I didn't try the first one).

  • dot123

    Is it possible to upload this again?

    The link is dead.

    Thank you

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