Chapter 2 of "50 years a Watchtower Slave"

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    Chapter 1 was posted sometime back. Because of it's length chapter 2 will be posted in two parts. Chapter 2 The journey begins.

    My story doesn’t really begin with me in elementary school but begins with my parents and my grandparents. Like all families, our ancestor’s decisions have help create the back drop of our lives and our stories. Yes, all of us are still dealing with the decisions other family members have made for us. Many of these decisions, were made years before you and I were even born. Many of these decisions were made by people, you have never even met. The decisions concerning where they choose to live may have affected the place you now live. The religions they believed in, could have been passed down to them by their parents. They in turn would try pass their thought systems down to their children. This would possibly effect many future generations in one way or another. What kind of education, morals and even sexual peculiarities of your ancestors, may be things you are still having to deal with today. These and other things, all effect our upbringing and thus our lives. So, many of our decisions we make later in our lives would be a direct result of the programing we were given as a young child. As William Shakespeare once said “All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts.” So, many of these roles you are now playing may have been given to you. For others these roles have been chosen. I personally believe I chose my story before I was even incarnated here on Earth.

    There is no need to go back many generations of my family, to set the ground work of this strange story. We will start with my two lovely parents, Norma and Marty and their parents. My parents have been my key players in this story.

    My mother was a Kansas farm girl of Czechoslovakian and German ancestry. My Father was a New York City Italian. Needless to say, these two people who had little in common. They were brought together by way of world war two. If it wasn’t for the war these two people would have never met. Besides killing a lot of people war brings a lot people together. In their case it was love at first sight.

    My mother never talked much about her years of growing up in Kansas during the depression. All I knew is her father was a gambler and the town bootlegger. He owned a pool hall. I remember him as kind of like the character Ryan O’Neal played in the movie “Paper Moon.” He spent a lot of time out of town “on business.” He didn’t do much to take care of his wife and kids. So, during one of his long trips away his wife Mabel was alone with their four small children. She was pregnant with their fifth child. With no money, no food and no hope she took matters into her own hands. I have no idea what was going through her mind that cold Kansas winter night. The night she bleed to death after her failed abortion attempt with a coat hanger.

    After her death, my mother with her brothers and sister was shipped off to different relatives. My poor mom got to stay with my grandfather’s father. He loved Norma a lot. How many people get a free farm worker and sex slave dropped into their laps?

    We didn’t find out what happened to mom until many years after her death. In fact I was the one who brought it up to my father. I told him I thought mom had been sexually abused as a child. He didn’t want to believe it at first.

    There were some strange things about mom I told him. Like when he would come home from work and want a kiss from her. If, us kids were around she would push him away. Dad told me he hardly ever saw her nude, the lights were always out. She was very sly. Needless to say the sex was terrible he told me. Years later he had the story confirmed about her grandfather. It put a lot of the pieces of the puzzle together.

    My Dad who screwed anything that walked before he got married, loved the fact mom was a “good girl.” Mom told him there would be no sex before marriage. This was the type of girl you should marry my dad thought to himself. He soon found out there would be little or no sex after marriage too.

    Anyway my mom made her escape from Kansas when she was just 17. In 1943 she moved to Southern California. Her relatives were sad to see her go. She moved in with an aunt and got work immediately. The war was going strong and California was booming in the 1940’s. I’m sure she felt like her life could finally begin.

    My dad on the other hand grew up in the Bronx. In a close knit Italian family. Sunday dinners with the relatives were always fun. They would start around 3:00 after Mass. Lots of good food and conversations. The grandfathers were nice to their grandkids no sex with family members in this group. I think my dad enjoyed his childhood. He always had twinkly in eye when talked about growing up in the great depression. He was the oldest male of four children. As the first born male in an Italian family he was spoiled rotten.

    Women run the whole show in most Italian families. Many of the men love it that way. They end up marrying someone who starts out being their lover and move into the role of their mother. This is what happened with my father. My folks had a total parent and child relationship. My mom became the mother to her brothers and sister when her mother dead. She was in the total mother mode when she met my father. My father on the other hand was the kid who never grew up. You can see this kind of relationships in many marriages. They work well, as long no one wants to change positions. Then all hell breaks loose.

    part B tomorrow

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    Nathan Natas

    Thanks! I appreciate the amount of work that you put into that!

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