Is our humanity at stake and we don't know the way out?

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  • gavindlt

    In answer to why I think Jehovahs witnesses are on the decline which is denied by some......... and highlighting bigger emerging issues of our humanity under threat.

    Firstly I think this faith IS on the decline partly because adherents who claim to have a strong faith I believe, is actually tenuous, extremely fragile and porous far from watertight.

    Most JW's are hanging on because the alternative is more frightening.

    The new reality dictates that there is a real depopulation agenda set by the elites to destroy and control humanity.

    Covid, the vaccines and lockdowns brought this reality home in a tangible way.

    The climate change narrative, the talk about 15 minute cities, digital currency, alien sighting, food supply control, weather control, health control and natural resource control all point to WEF, UN and WHO agendas that can't be dismissed as conspiracy theories any more.

    The actual scene of the world is really changing in a dramatic way.

    The push for trans-humanism is not fiction. The covid 19 vaccine is evidence of biowarfare and that through the mRNA technology they are bent on changing our very DNA.

    AI too is poised to be a massive threat and curse to humanity not a boon.

    I think the whole planet sense we are on the brink and this has nothing to do with end time and last day predictions.

    I believe not just Jehovahs Witnesses sense and feel this but even with a decline in numbers , in Kingdom Halls, in preaching hours, in bible studies, in baptisms, in printed magazines, in meeting attendance and in loss of faith and conviction they don't know the way out and they feel they have no where to go but to stick.

    It's the better of two evils.

    Even the world and atheists feel that we are at war and that despite no belief in God their is building evidence and belief that we are deeply involved in a spiritual warfare that is a direct satanic or Luciferian attack on humanity.

    The organisation is crumbling from within because it has no biblical basis and the Governing Body are being exposed more and more as orchestrators of outdated doctrine that started as a small lie with few adherents to unsustainable big lies with millions of adherents.

    The problem is they can't turn back.

    Even the world controlled by an elite agenda can't turn back.

    Cognitive dissonance is just not the vulnerability or the weakness of the believers anymore. It's even the achilles heel of the unbelievers.

    We are poised on the brink where our very humanity is at risk.

    People sense it and the events that are unfolding are unprecedented.

    The whole foundation of the Jehovahs Witness belief, it being based on an illusion stemming from their leaders delusion built on a false premise cannot indefinitely be sustained.

    It's inevitable and the mere appearance of adherents consolidating together and sticking with the only thing they know through fear is not any indication that it will last.

    That's why I feel God must step in because every element and facet that defines our very humanity is at stake.

    I don't think Jehovah's Witness can see how deep the rabbit hole goes and their reliance on 8 men who are not wise or discreet exasperates the realisation that they don't know the way out and burying one's head in the sand of blind faith doesn't make this new reality go away.

    Even the dumbing down and upping of emotional content has lulled, disadvantaged and disempowered the rank and file JW.

    They have lost awareness and are fast asleep, not awake at all.

    Thats why they will fail. I don't think they can even see the enemy within or recognise the enemy they without. They actually think it could be apostates.

    You can't fight that which you don't believe exists!

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    No doubt that people who are paying attention are starting to get squeezed psychologically and emotionally by evil of many different kinds.

    For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again. - Jesus

    It will get worse.... much worse.

  • Mum

    Having been a JW for 17 years, admittedly a long time ago when things were better among them, I must say that I observed that many JW's were (I must put it in context) intellectually challenged, psychologically beaten down, and/or lacking in long-range vision. I am reduced to mostly just feeling sorry for them. They, by and large, are too easy to deceive and take advantage of.

    I saw an interview on YouTube that intrigued me. Glenn Beck was the interviewer, but I forget the name of the interviewee. The interviewee had a glum outlook for the human race, saying there might be two human races in the future, one that was bred to be intellectually challenged and work for the other, bred to be wealthy and controlling. It could be argued that JW's are already almost there.

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