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  • Odrade

    Hey my old friends, I figured since this is where we landed when we first fled the Watchtower, looking for support, back in '03, maybe I should pop back in and show you my latest project - I see some familiar faces around here. Hi!

    I've been working on a website to function as part story, part news. My plan is to feature what people are doing to integrate/reintegrate into their community - whether that's remaining in the xjw circles to help others who are leaving, or moving out into the larger social sphere and starting projects, being activists for other causes, etc.

    Leaving Omelas - Walking Away from the Tower

    My pet project with this website is to gather and curate letters (or links to letters,) that our community has written to friends and family. This was so hard for me after leaving, I posted messages that I wanted to send, several times right here on JWD. I know I saw a number of other letters in the several years I checked in here daily. A few years back, when I went to write THE letter I eventually sent, I needed the help of others' examples, but it was hellish trying to find any that had been shared. You can read a bit about that in the post linked below, if you like.

    What do I say to my family?

    This project is obviously in its infancy, and I'll take all the help I can get. I should probably make it really clear that I'm not looking to rip off any content. Letters that have been shared publicly will be linked, unless I get direct permission to post on my site. If you've got links or letters that you think could be helpful in this project, please contact me. PM here or through the website, wherever you feel comfortable. I understand that a lot of us still need to maintain our anonymity.


  • mentalclarity

    This is a great idea! I personally did not write a letter or email to my family so as to save the little relationship we have, but I really applaud the courage it takes to write one.

    It's so incredibly personal and gives a glimpse into someone's life to read their letters, especially for us exjws who can relate with so much of what is expressed.

  • scratchme1010

    Hello. I wasn't in this forum in 2003. In any event, I think that's a great idea.

    I typed a few letters way back when, and I may have them in an old hard disk that I have kept for decades. They were written in AmiPro so I doubt that I could even open the files. So I don't think I could contribute.

    Interesting idea nonetheless. Looking forward to see the website.

  • Odrade

    Thanks for the kind words. I think maybe there are fewer letters like this, because they're just so damn hard to write. When you write to family after leaving, it's almost impossible to detach from the emotion - whether love, anger, grief, sadness, frustration...

    I hope it helps people. Not everybody will need something like this, and that's a good thing. I'm always in favor of a good fade, if possible, but it's not always possible, is it?

    I can tell you this community talked me down off a ledge several times, when I might have been inclined to scorch everything and salt the earth.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Letters Huh

    I have written a few, tried to count them but the Windows vista crashed which had most of them, so just a estimate some where over 300. They are the letters that the WTB&TS referred to in the 2013 summer convention talk entitled "Human Apostates" talk.. They said "there is a new tact tic apostates are using, sending letters to the publishers homes" or so as I only heard the quote on this site by two posters. Five of my sons was attending and heard that statement and knew they were talking about their dad.

    The reason they were written to the homes of the publishers was that the church "wall of silence" is penetrated as I was plugging directly into church grape vine. It worked great.

    Evidently they are from out of left field, hard to understand as I have only had one person show any interest in them. Although there was one little point picked up on which got included in a project they were working on. Supposedly they are close to getting done and I think they are going have posting somewhere. So after I get to see the project perhaps you may be interested in some.

    You are going to need a 'bleep' button if you are interested in posting them.


  • Odrade

    Hey Bill, maybe you could shoot me a link when you put them online? I will keep an eye out for your webpages to go live. I don’t know about a profanity filter, so maybe it would be better to link them wherever you host, if it fits the scope of my project. Thanks!

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