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  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    I was reading another thread about the new GB member and it got me wondering if anyone knows someone who partook of the emblems at the memorial even though they knew they weren't 'anointed' just to see what reaction they got? Did they get questioned by elders? Did people start treating them differently? Etc..

  • EverApostate

    There was a mid aged sister in my congregation, who was partaking and nobody believed her to be truly anointed.

    She would skip a lot of meetings and was briefly separated from her husband at that time. In-fact an elder even advised me and my wife to stay away from her, when I was new in that congregation.

  • scratchme1010

    In my congregation it was some sort of taboo to ask questions about that, at least us the children. There were people in the congregation who partook and I overheard some of the adults in the congregations whispering about them behind their backs. I was more mortified about their backstabbing gossip than whether or not the person was a real anointed or not.


    I attempted to ask members of "The Remnant" all the WH- questions regarding their anointing and on all occasions they deflected away from telling me except to quote a well-used reference in a WT which tried to explain that it was like receiveing a personal letter from a father the contents of which would only resonate with you and not be fully understood by others ~ Go figure~ I thought they would be open and willing to share such a glorified experience..

  • punkofnice

    there was this old bird in a Northampt(UK) congregation. She was a bit of an eccentric old maid. Adorable but bonkers type. she said she started takng the emblems because she decided she must be 'annointed™' because of how long she'd been in the 'truth™'

    More to be pitied than scolded methinks.

    Thinking about it; 100% of all that take the 'emblems™' are not genuine. All deluded.


    No one is “anointed” unless Tony Morris approves it. All anointed at the local level are suspect. They don’t even understand the scriptures more than the local Eldubs. That’s JW doctrine.

    Dubs can only trust “anointed” at World HQ.


  • silentbuddha

    There was this one sister who had been sucking the genitals of a local brother and lost priveledges and put on reproof. While she was coming back she started dating an older brother who had his own issues but was twice her age.

    Once she got priveledges back she started pioneering and like a year later she was all of a sudden anointed. NO ONE BELIEVED HER but they were all scared to speak

  • optimisticskeptic

    Every person I've known who claimed to be anointed was a complete nut job. One guy literally had bi-polar and was believed to be schizophrenic. I have not met anyone who thought they were anointed who seemed like a sensible normal person.

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