Sorry folks, not rabid.

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  • stillin

    I phoned an older JW friend who has had some health problems lately. He has lost a son and a wife in the last two years and he seems to be on a downward slide. He is in a rehab hospital following surgery and I figured he could use some good cheer, which he does.

    He was pleased to report to me that he had attended the Memorial at a local KH and that he has been finding a lot of nurses who seem to want to know what makes JW's different, so he is racking up a good field service report and he is happy about it.

    He knows that I have been inactive for several years now and he isn't trying to be pushy with me. He was never that way. And I find no reason why I should rain on his parade either. He gets his joy. Who am I to cast any shadows on his life?

    If there is a God in Heaven listening, I pray that He will direct this Organization to self-destruct and free the people to serve their Higher Power in whatever way they see as best without the hundreds of "directives" from Corporate Headquarters as to how God wants us.

  • sparrowdown

    Sigh, yes what can you do. Just smile and nod it's not the time or place.

    Nice you made the time for him.

  • steve2

    The nurses are far too tactful and probably don’t quite have the skills for declining to listen to their patients’ “preaching” - but your friend felt good enough about his preaching to let you know how he was doing.

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