Puyallup, Washington Assembly Hall Pics....

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  • jimbob

    I know that our very own seattleniceguy posted pics of the remodeled assembly hall in Puyallup....but we just got an email from a dub from our old congregation that still has us on their distribution list. They sent us this link to all of the pictures of the remodel. When you click on the link, it will ask for a password. And the password is "Paradise". (Gee, how original) Also make sure you type it with a capital "P". We saw a few people we recognized. It really is amazing how much you can get done with slave labor.....


  • jimbob

    If you have trouble with the link working, just cut-and-paste it into your address bar..........

  • blondie

    it wants a password!!!


  • jimbob

    Blondie...didn't you read my entire post???

  • blondie

    no,, sorry.

  • jimbob

    No problem....you probably just skipped that part......

  • Princess

    OK, that was seriously creepy looking at all those pics. I've been out so long I only recognized three people. Pretty sure there was a pic of Mulan's JW friend's son and grandson. I also spotted an old friend of Mulan and dad's, can't remember his first name, last name Williams. Lisa Melseth's step dad.

    Thanks for sharing. You obviously didn't see the warning on every page not to post the pics on a website. For shame. Apostates might see the slaves a'working.

  • wasasister

    I must admit, it's quite an improvement over the old 80's decor. I think the interior looks beautiful. The worst part of that place (apart from the hypocracy being spouted from the stage) is that it is set in a lovely piece of real estate and there are NO windows. I used to hate that you couldn't tell what the weather was like outside - sunny or snowing, you just never knew until lunch or end of session.

    Seeing those shots brought back memories of the quick-builds. My ex and I always served on the first-aid committee. One of the few good memories I took away from the JW experience. No matter what I have learned since then, I did love the quick-builds.


  • seattleniceguy

    I hear ya, Princess, that really is creepy. I knew a lot of those people. It really hit me as a waste of life, all those people working for something that isn't real. Hope some of them make it out.


  • jimbob

    Hi Princess...actually the warning says not to use the pictures on any website....I just gave out the address.......

    And the person you were referring to is Pete Williams. He does electrical work.

    Happy New Year to you, Steve, and the kids!!

  • JeffT

    I didn't recognize anybody, but then the last time I would have seen them was 1988. I found the copyright warning kind of funny. Who's going to steal pictures of an assembly hall remodel?

  • MikeMusto

    some of the sisters are hot--if i floated that way that is

  • avishai

    Mike, you don't float that way? You seem so butch on tv!

  • Mulan

    Hahahaha. I sent a few of these to my JW friend. Will I be arrested?

    Thanks, Jimbob. Too eerie. Dave and I were struck by how old everyone looks. It's been 7 years since we've seen some of these people. Pete Williams has white hair!!!

  • ignored_one

    Looks expensive.


    Ignored One.

  • Princess

    Thanks Jimbob, Pete Williams. Maybe I'll be able to sleep now.

    That's what I told Steve mom, Lisa's dad has white hair! I never liked her by the way.

  • DazedAndConfused

    Did anyone notice how many "sisters" picture's there are? As they say in the advertising world..."sex sells"!

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