May I suggest 'equine therapy' for all the bethelites being given their pink slips.

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    I notice that Anthony Weiner is now in 'sex therapy'. One of the therapy sessions involves him riding a horse around a forested area. No doubt the tranquil ride through leafy glades and down meandering trails will help to keep his mind off of young girls. Riding horses has, at times, had a calming effect on me, however, I must admit that most of the time possibly falling off frightened the h#ll out of me. Probably a 30/70 split. 30% of the time calming and 70% of the time... well, you get the picture.

    Now, may I suggest that with the anxiety that the bethelites are, and will no doubt experience when they are reassigned to a pay-your-own-way preaching position, that the Watchtower Society implement a 'theocratic equine therapy' program to help calm them down. Taking their minds off of how to survive in the real world and putting it on how to stay alive on the top of a horse will do much to ease the transition. The new WT Headquarters estate will surely have ample outdoor space to institute such a program,

  • prologos

    did not Mrs Romney, of near- presidential fame claim a prancing horse as medical expense for hrt therapy?

  • steve2

    I expect there will be some neigh-sayers out there. Does this type of therapy allow any horsing around?

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