The Fuddy Duddy Watchtower Corporation Head On Colision With The Iformation Age

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The Governing Body mistaken belief that Higher Education is evil and part of Satan's world and that you can't trust science when it contradicts their ancient superstitious Holy Book manual(Bible),, shows a classic denial response of an organization's that has made a living off peoples ignorance and WT's wishful thinking calling themselves by a made up title based on an ancient parable about a slave who was faithful when his master was away.

    Ignorance is their stock and trade! So what should we expect in this information age that is not just growing linearly but exponentially? Trouble for these fuddy duddies. The same old lies may work for the hard core indoctrinated believers but younger ones are less likely to follow in their parents foot steps of servitude to this presumptuous corporation. And as far as any new converts as this information age grows exponentially they should be rarer than a snowflake in hell.

    The slow minds of the Governing Body and the heavily indoctrinated legal department should also put them on a very bad footage as they careen from one legal disaster after another around the world as information becomes available to lawyers who come for the easy pickins of a evil mind control cult that deserves the book to thrown at them in court as they haven't a leg to stand on.

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    Good to know.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Wishful Thinking has its down sides, everything may seem hunky dory in the beginning but somewhere down the road of time the delusion starts to fall apart (we the Governing Body are a Faithful Slave of God and this Organization is God's earthly Organization we can do no wrong). And then reality starts to creep in and more extreme measures are used to stay in that dream like delusional state by running from the facts and a severe stubbornness to except the obvious and give up the delusion as baseless and fact-less and disfellowshipping any member stepping out of the dream like state and speaking against the Organization publically calling them liars and apostates.

    The nightmare stage is when all efforts are met with one catastrophe after another until the hole dream based on wishful thinking falls apart and reality come crashing in in the form of lawsuits and bankruptcy due to unwise use of assets collected during honey stage of Wishful Thinking.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think the information age has no doubt been behind many governments now doing an inquiry into charity organization that deal with children and might be abusive towards them(wolves in sheep's clothing).

    ARC, and other inquiries by other governments can make them financial liable for damages and eventually shut down WT power for those countries and eliminate all assets for payments.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The Information age has made it possible for a 5th column working inside the Watchtower Corporation to leak very sensitive information over the internet. Kangaroo Court Judicial Meeting are now secretly taped and broadcast on social media exposing the WT as a evil high control cult meeting out sever punishment for member speaking against them in any way. With all this information about the evil nature of the WT spread all over the world wide web surely will hurt/severely cripple efforts for new converts from the general public, and cause Judges to hand out bigger lawsuit awards, and more records being subpoena.

    The Information age like a giant tsunami wave is just coming out of deep water and gaining height is about to seriously smack the shit out of these old delusional fuddy duddies called the Governing Body who are unbelievably hanging themselves with their delusional public broadcast for the world and courts to see their insanity and evil delusions of greatness. They ain't gonna just loose their charity status over these insane broadcast they are putting themselves in serious legal jeopardy exposing themselves as hypocrites of the worst kind who will send child molesters to the doors of the unsuspecting public to get more members for their evil cult that treats its members like shit if they have a disagreement with them subjecting them disfellowshipping which can include close family members being estranged.

    I seriously think the WT is in deep doo doo and the Information age has only just begun and like a tsunami will grow not linearly but exponentially and inundate the WT legal team to such an extent that they hoist a we surrender flag because of the shear volume a cases and the need to liquidate asset has out paced them. What do you think would be the Governing Body's tune when that day arrives? Would they admit publicly that they were wrong or would denial persist till they crash and burn?

  • Vidiot
    BrokeBack WT - "...Would they admit publicly that they were wrong or would denial persist till they crash and burn?"

    Historically, authoritarian regimes would rather crash and burn than reform.

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