Helpless and Very Sad Grandmother

by Brenda Cook 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • Brenda Cook
    Brenda Cook

    I am the Grandmother of the runaway 18year old girl who is now living with her 22 year old idiot. This person has totally brainwashed my granddaughter and is continuing to separate her from our family. I feel so helpless that there is nothing we can do to make her see this - no money, no identity, and a servant to him and his family. She and her two brothers were adopted in a Christian home. They were sent to a private school where the Father taught AP classes on a college level. Then they were sent to a public school for a variety of reasons.

    I feel my hands are tied and I am so useless because we cannot reach out to help. His family is brain washing her also and helping to separate her from us. Her brothers thought she was coming home for Spring Break and were excited. How can we "fight" a complete HIS family when they have her 24/7 and we are 3,000 miles away? HELP US PLEASE!

  • Wakanda

    First, I am in the "fly over" area of the US and far away from all three of you. However, as I mentioned in the other post. Go to youtube, look for I'm Worldly, and there will be an email for Zeb. Email him, and maybe you will be able to talk. He is about an hour away in Santa Monica, but traffic sucks in LA.

    Second, Maybe try ? Here is their counseling resource page with some people in LA:

  • zeb

    This zeb is in Australia.

  • James87

    Hi Brenda i am sorry you feel helpless. Sadly she is 18 and has made her choice as an adult. Heck i cant come to understand why people do certain things and they are older, me included. The good thing is she was raised well and eventually when it call comes down crashing and burning she will leave. Its painful to say but sometimes one must leave people to their own and hope they learn a lesson that way. I know you want to move mountains for her, but in this situation it seems their is little you can do.

  • dubstepped

    Have you read the other THREE threads started by your daughter? We've already been through all of this. In the end she's an adult and her life isn't yours to control. There is lots of good advice in those other threads.

    With that said, I'm sorry for your loss, as it stands today.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The girl may be 18 years of age but she certainly isn't an Adult. She has been deceptively lured into a Cult of One by a most dishonorable young man of 22 years and taken into captivity with his most dishonorable family. She is in danger.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The guy is a "Homie" in "The Valley" who now has brought home his "Trophy Bitch." Sorry for the coarse language but that is all the girl means to him. Boys in the Barrio are big trouble. She, the girl, is in danger.

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