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  • Bill3rd

    To Whom It May Concern : After seeing the expose' on CTV`s program W5 called "No Witnesses", I would like to find some way to obtain a few copies of the handouts which were used by the "Vast Apostate Army". Can anyone send me a contact email to the "Vast Apostate Army" and to Zeb Leatherman or Parker Bryan or Tricia Franginha ( spelling ? ) ? t

    Just today I watched the "Recruitment Video" for the "Vast Apostate Army"; the sound quality on my laptop was not the greatest but I say kudos to all those mostly younger people and a couple middle aged guys for taking this stand.

    For a few years I have been in fairly regular contact by email with Rev. Dr. David Bridges who is an ex-JW and is now extremely happy as an Episcopal clergy in Oklahoma. He wrote three books about the JW experience etc. hoping to help people get out of that vile cult.

    I have also been in touch by email with Doug Mason in Australia who like myself was never a JW but for some reasons has done a lot of research into the JW theological positions and found them bunk. His background is Eastern European Jewish and his major concerns about the JWs are that they rip families apart, the extremely harmful effects on children psychologically and emotionally by the isolation and shunning behaviour and finally the JW practice of coercing people to refuse blood transfusions . I`m sure that the child sexual abuse [which seems rampant even in comparison to the problems in the R.C. so-called celibate priesthood] would fit his evils.

    So much now is being made by the media ( W5 and the article in the United Church Observer ) lately about the child sexual abuse and the blood transfusion issue ( W5 and the Macleans article in November 2016 ) that you`d think many even non-JWs would take note when members of their own extended families would now vilify the cult, but it is not happening...not yet. The clueless are not opening their eyes.....not yet. So keep up the food work you are doing !!

    There are many other basic issues as well --the NWT their excuse for a bible which is a fraud and not a version but a perversion of a real Bible translation. The history of the cult going back to its very founding with C.T.Russell, the trial versus Rev.Ross in Hamilton Ontario before WW One, the letters by Rutherford to Hitler basically confirming the JW support for Hitler`s policies toward the Jews etc. and several subsequent court cases in the UK and elsewhere which exposed the fact that their "translators" did not know the languages in which the early Bible was written and various other lies; the list goes on and on and on.

    Sum total , if I may : I would like two things !) The handout by the Vast Apostate Army with a contact email to Zeb Leatherman or Parker Bryan or Tricia Franginha and 2) Some contact with activist ex-JWs who would contact a family member in Vancouver B.C. who is still frighteningly naive about JWs.

    Please email me at [email protected]

  • Bill3rd

    Further to my first post above --- Last year I saw pretty well all of the expose' programs on the A&E channel by Leah Remini and Mike Rinder dealing with Scientology, their experiences in that cult and the experiences of others as well. The one thing that stood out for me was what Leah Remini said near the end. In contrast to the advice we so often hear when friends or family member become "sucked into" a cult like Scientology or Jehovahs Witnesses that we should pray for them (still not bad advice) and try to maintain contact but remind them of the good times you all had earlier in your lives together ( still not bad advice if it is possible to do so --a BIG IF ) but that we should not "hassle them" or dispute the JW practices or beliefs etc. That is called the "soft approach" . What Leah said was that the "soft approach" does not work as it is fighting a concerted brainwashing system. The answer is to do what she and Mike were and are doing --ATTACK !!! and DESTROY !! ---- That seems to be what the Vast Apostate Army has decided to well as all those people like David Bridges and Bonnie Zieman in Sherbrooke or Montreal Quebec and others have done by writing books about getting out.

    The problem is also often how do we get through to those who just shut out or ignore anything to do with religion; they help nobody even themselves. Secondly as has been proven many times the ex-JWs need a reasonable substitute towards to direct their desire for a spiritual life; that is where the mainline churches (especially non-RC because of child sexual abuse issues with priests being also widely broadcast ) must come into play. I especially note mainline churches ( such as Episcopal / Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian Reformed, Presbyterian, Baptist, some Pentecostal etc. ) not the literalist, overly fundamentalist ones which often exist as unattached to a wider group and almost disappear after a popular preacher retires.

    We want to encourage the ex-JWs to think, to debate, to ponder and to ask questions without fear of criticism !! Now will a branch of ex-JWs dot com or dot ca etc. start to clue in the mainline churches and to help them set up a program of de-programming ?

  • scratchme1010

    Some contact with activist ex-JWs who would contact a family member in Vancouver B.C. who is still frighteningly naive about JWs.

    Intervening in people's private lives without their permission, so they can join another religious organization? I don't think so.

  • dubstepped

    This all sounds kind of preachy to me and very strange. If you want someone's information why not find and contact them. Zeb isn't here. He is on YouTube and you can contact him there. As is the Vast Apostate Army, I believe.

    Most of us are atheists and having religions reach out to us wouldn't help at all. We don't need other churches to indoctrinate the vulnerable into their ideologies. What we needed was space, to be left alone, to find our own way, not to get sucked into other nonsense.

    Other than getting the contact information and a pamphlet, I'm not sure that I was able to decipher the point of that wall of text.

    I also disagree with the attack and destroy methodology. People will open their eyes only when they're ready. We just have to put information out in many ways so that they can find it in their way on their own timetable.

  • JRK

    Cult exit counseling is much better than another turd religion trying to save me! And it is much cheaper in the long run. Peddle your wares elsewhere!

    Speaking of Attack and Destroy, let's see how well Rick Fearon does tonight. I wonder if he will be in front of another empty Kingdom Hall?


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