This is getting annoying!

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  • blankspace

    There are some JWs that are downright annoying! Check out the comments in the link to this article.

    I would love to post a comment to his comment, drawing attention to child abuse, the ARC, UN affiliation and much more, but I've got to sign in to comment. And the news site asks me for too much information - not comfortable with giving it at this point. If any POMOs would like to, do post your comments on my/our behalf. I'm sick and tired of seeing such comments from JWs wherever they can sneak a word in. They try to take the limelight away from the actual news and make it all about themselves.

  • cognitivedizzy

    I know that guy raynold Lewis ex branch committee member India , had a baby and had to move out of Bethel

    I tried signing up but same asks too much info so dropped the idea...

  • caves

    Ive seen jws comment on obituaries online or other news like the article. It is so weird to read them when they say something like ' Ecl 9:5 says 'the dead are conscience of nothing'. and quote some more bible verses out of context. You can almost feel the superior attitude jump off the page. Blame, guilt, and a pat on their own back for "enlightening" the entire comment section. Rarly a mention of empathy towards the person that died.

    It is annoying.

  • Finkelstein

    Of course JWS are annoying , they are delusional and brainwashed to support the WTS. by the WTS. Jehovah's earthly organization chosen by him exclusively in 1919.

  • Finkelstein

    Jws are also non-accepting to the fact that (their) religious organization has indirectly cased hundreds of suicides since its existence as a religious organization/cult.

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