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    Lots of true stuff about the WT. I'm sure any reporter doing a story on the WT corp . will find it very enlightening by doing this little Wiki search.

    Jehovah's Witnesses believe that God uses an organization both in heaven and on earth, and that Jehovah's Witnesses, under the direction of their Governing Body, are the only visible channel by which God communicates with humanity.[44][45] The organization is said to be theocratic, "ruled from the divine Top down, and not from the rank and file up".[46] Witnesses teach that people must choose between God’s organization and Satan’s.[47][48] Watch Tower publications teach that the Bible is an "organizational book" that does not belong to individuals and that the Bible cannot be properly understood without guidance by "Jehovah's visible organization".[49]
    Witnesses undergoing baptism are required to publicly confirm that they are associating themselves "with God's spirit-directed organization",[50] thereby submitting themselves to its direction and judicial system.[51] Watch Tower Society publications urge Witnesses to demonstrate loyalty to the organization without dissent,[52][53] even at the cost of family ties.[54] Loyalty to the organization is said to require full involvement in public preaching[55] and regular meeting attendance.[56]
    Disagreement with the Watch Tower Society's concept of God's organization figured prominently in events that led to a 1980 purge of high-level members at the group's Brooklyn headquarters. A summary by a Governing Body committee of "wrong teachings" being promoted as "new understandings" included the suggestion that God did not have an organization on earth.[57] Former Governing Body member Raymond Franz, who was expelled as part of the purge, subsequently criticized the Watch Tower concept of organization,[58] claiming the concept—which posits that God does not deal with individuals apart from an organization—has no scriptural support and serves only to reinforce the group's authority structure, with its strong emphasis on human authority.[59] He also claimed that The Watchtower has repeatedly blurred discussions of both Jesus Christ's loyalty to God and the apostles' loyalty to Christ to promote the view that Witnesses should be loyal to the Watch Tower Society.[60] Sociologist Andrew Holden has observed that Witnesses see no distinction between loyalty to Jehovah and to the movement itself,[61] and other researchers have claimed that challenging the views of those higher up the hierarchical ladder is regarded as tantamount to challenging God himself.[62]


    Watch Tower Society publications assert that members of the group are not compelled to remain part of the congregation.[184] However, Jehovah's Witness doctrines provide no method for baptized members to leave on good terms.[185] Those who choose to depart and announce their decision to terminate their membership are regarded as abandoning God's organization and protection and voluntarily entering the world of Satan,[185][186] becoming part of the antichrist.[187] Watch Tower publications define such individuals as being "more reprehensible than those in the world"[187] and direct that they are to be shunned by other Witnesses, including close relatives, with no social or religious contact and no greeting given.[184][186] Sociologist Andrew Holden claims his research indicated many Witnesses who would otherwise defect because of disillusionment with the organization and its teachings remain affiliated out of fear of being shunned and losing contact with friends and family members.[185]


    Watch Tower Society publications define apostasy as the abandonment of the worship and service of God by members of the Christian congregation, and equate it with rebellion against God.[188] Apostate behavior is said to include the rejection of biblical teachings or requirements, the rejection of Jehovah's organization, association with or support for another religious group[187] and celebration of religious holidays.[189] It is grounds for expulsion from the group and subsequent shunning. Promotion of personal doctrinal views that deviate from official teachings is also regarded as apostasy. The "identifying marks" of apostates are said to include attempts to gain followers, disregard for the Witnesses’ preaching activity, rejection of God's visible organization, public criticism of other Witnesses and attempts to hinder their work.[188] Other identifying behavior is said to include deviation from the truth, twisted, empty speech, hypocrisy and involvement in deeper forms of ungodliness.[190] Watch Tower Society literature says apostates are motivated by vitriolic bitterness and that their writings are poisonous, distorted and false, display the characteristics of "cunning, contrived error, prideful intelligence, lack of love and dishonesty" and are designed to undermine the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses.[191] Apostates are described as proud, independent, ungrateful and presumptuous,[190] mentally diseased,[192][193] displaying jealousy, fits of anger and other unchristian conduct and are said to often fall victim to drunken bouts, loose conduct and fornication.[190]
    Apostates are said to have become part of the antichrist and are regarded as more reprehensible than non-Witnesses.[187] They are described as "anti-God" and doomed to destruction.[194] Witnesses are told they must loathe and hate in the "biblical sense of the word" those who are defined as apostates and show no curiosity about their ideas,[195] and that apostates' "whole purpose is to tear down God's people and to distort the truth."[196] Apostates must be shunned and Witnesses are warned that those who greet one become "a sharer in his wicked works".[187]

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