WT “Study” for 18th Sept 2016 – “Grateful Recipients of God’s Undeserved Kindness”

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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    “life is to short” has commented on the above study in terms of Grace being translated as undeserved kindness in the NWT. The analysis is quite interesting.

    Here in this thread, I will be opening up other facets of the “study”. For example...

    Paragraph 11 applies the Daniel 12:3 phrase – “those having insight” to the “anointed remnant”. It goes on to claim that “By their preaching and teaching work, they have brought millions of ‘other sheep’ into a righteous standing before Jehovah”.

    Well this is a tall tall claim. It is in conflict with Hebrews 1:1,2 where scripture describes God as having used the prophets in times past, but more recently he has used Jesus. No other individual is identified in scripture as an intermediary. Neither is “anointed remnant” a scriptural phrase, but rather, an invention of the GBoJW! In that they are pointing to themselves as being the ones responsible for millions being brought into this righteous standing, they are leaving themselves open to accusations of arrogance. For example, assuming that these millions of JW’s are seen by God as righteous, couldn’t his Holy Spirit or his Son Jesus have had something to do with it? Why only credit the “anointed remnant”? Even in the world there is humility wherein it is widely accepted that “Self praise is no recommendation / honour!” Their claiming this role for themselves is also a form of scredotalism and thus merges their structure and position with that seen in Christendom, whom they disdain with every breath! At the end of this paragraph, they quote Rom 3:23,24 but their claim to have brought people to a righteous standing is still inexcusable!

    Paragraph 14 mentions that individuals can receive comfort for their hearts (Ps. 51:17). It is good that they mention that this comfort comes from God because if you are a Jehovah’s Witness you will most seriously need such comfort. I do! I need it a lot! Why so? Simply because of the “harshness” and “tyranny” (Ezek 34:4) with which the GBoJW and it’s temple policemen (BoE) treat people. So it’s a bit rich for them to be preaching and teaching comfort when they are so readily disposed to wreak havoc in peoples’ lives.

    Paragraph 16 states that “we should not presumptuously think that he condones all conduct.... These unfaithful Christians apparently thought that they could sin and then count on Jehovah to forgive them.” Again, this is really rich coming from the GBoJW! Why has nearly every other religious organisation apologised for the child abuses which have taken place, but the GBoJW continues to be in denial? Why do they teach us to be submissive to the superior authorities when Losch avoids the Supreme Court of California? Why did the GBoJW instruct elders to destroy legal papers when the British inquiry into child abuse stated that any legal papers should be retained? Why have they for years been teaching that the UNO is the disgusting thing that causes desolation when the WTBTS have been members of same? One could go on and on...

    Why is it that the “study” articles are so dull, so lifeless, so conflicted, so confused? Why are the WTBTS meetings so banal, tiresome, repetitive, and even soporific? Maybe it is in part because the GBoJW and its authors are thinking more of themselves than it is necessary to think rather than thinking to have a sound mind (Rom 12:3). They marginalise the refreshing teachings of Jesus who is hardly mentioned nowadays. At the meetings, scripture is hardly mentioned. Could be that the GBoJW exemplify the disposition of the “Man of Lawlessness”!

  • Spiral

    The study articles and the meetings in general are incredibly dull, and I agree they are just .... gibberish! Today's is no exception.

    Who writes this stuff? Really - it's just a mess. No wonder meeting attendance keeps slipping, at least where I am. A good percentage (maybe 70%) of attendees here are elderly, going to meeting out of habit.

  • Wayward

    Ah, 'undeserved kindness'! Nothing gives you the warm fuzzies like God telling you he loves you even though you aren't worthy.


    Here's where the WT has it wrong:

    Grace is an "undeserved kindness", but the term "undeserved kindness" does not teach a Dub what grace is.

    The GB either don't understand what grace is, or they know, but want to keep the 2-class Xian system.

    The young Eldub conducting the Lesson said, "What's Grace? Is it a person's name? Are Xians gracefull?!?" All the dubs laughed...

    Charis is "grace" in English, which happens to be a homonym. The GB should be educating Dubs, not making bullshit excuses for using "underserved kindness" instead of grace. They are poor teachers, and likely want to keep their self-appointed positions as Wizards of Oz.


  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    DATA-DOG made the interesting and perceptive observation that "They are poor teachers". I concur entirely.

    Scripture appeals to us to "follow his steps closely" (1 Pet 2:21) in reference to Jesus. He was referred to as Rabbi (teacher) and thus the authors of the "study" Watchtower under the supervision of the GBoJW give evidence of abandoning the Apostle Peter's advice.

    1 Tim 3:2 states that "overseers" should be "qualified to teach" and clearly these ones evidence they are not, for they have been appointed to their level of incompetence (Peter Principle). This is not an accident or otherwise inadvertent occurance.

    It has taken place in the context of the GBoJW having withdrawn the Statement of Purpose from the Watchtower (study edition) from Jan 2013 onwards. Thus, their poor quality teaching is contrived and is another dimension of their wanton lawlessness (2 Thess 2:3).


    I take it all with a grain of salt,.....and like and Tequila. Why? The same lesson cites the Apostle Paul as stating that we are all born enemies of God. I was like, "WTF?!?!?? I never noticed that!"

    So I researched the Greek words used, and sure enough, enemy is correct! So...WOW! It's great that every person born ( sinful ) is God's enemy until they figure out the message of the cryptic book he supposedly dictated to humans! All those starving, non-xian babies in Africa are just enemies of God anyway....

    Who's full of crap, Paul or God???


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