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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    This place -- unknown to all but me -- has become my refuge.

    At last, I have discovered a tiny spot out in the open -- I love open spaces -- where no one can see me. It is beautiful here while I watch people walk to and fro past me; yet, I am unseen. I yammer giddily at them, but they are completely oblivious to my presence, my antics, my mock plaints.

    I laugh, but they do not laugh with me because they do not see the joke. They do not see me. At last, at long last, it is all right. At peace within, at peace without.

    I asked for anonymity, and it has been granted. I come to this busy thoroughfare of life and all her attendant beauties and vulgarities. I am here but no one sees me; therefore, no one rebukes me nor praises me nor gets involved. This is how I like it.

    I watch the crowd, but they are unaware . . .

    So totally unaware. . . .

  • LV101

    Ah, the beauty of a refuge! Perhaps eerie/otherworldly almost but many have remained "invisible" as a means of self preservation/protection while imprisoned/suffering in toxic families and religion. Escapism in cyberspace to a selective venue of choice to the land of "invisible" is now a gift to us.

    Great read, Coco.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Beyond my own thoughts, LV101, you have given me a lot more to chew on! Yes, the anonymity of cyberspace. We have found a haven within the maelstrom.

    Invisibility -- a gift.

    So well put!


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I am Nancy Drew who writes crazy little rhymes

    I am an X JW who left because it wasn't the right answer

    I am a curious traveler of unusual ideas fearless burning bridges behind me

    I like cats, beaches, marcona almonds and sunrises with coffee

    But I'm hiding here in cyberspace free to be whatever and say whatever and tickle my curiosity about other humans.

    The rhymer addict

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Nancy: for you!

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