People (!) and their bloody phones..

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  • zeb

    Rant warning.

    Simple shopping trip.

    Near miss one,.. normal people are such dick heads today, second very close both by women with their brats in car- both occasions arguments going on over their F*** phones. The second had mum leaning over the drivers seat waving her hand in brats face. I saw this coming hit the brakes making tires howl and leaned on the horn. Lots of cleaning needed in their car. Followed them for 50 metres to next intersection still slamming the horn.- she jumped lane to lane and took off- I turned and left the scene. Brats had that rabbit in the spotlight look.

    and you know what? Their behavior wont change. She will continue to argue with tweenage daughters (Like you are ever going to win..?) and none of them will ever, ever ever modify their driving sense of place.


    • Guns are permitted with tests and a lisence and not until you are 18.
    • Driving,.. learners permit to start at 17.
    • Light aircraft lisence lots of tests and restrictions.
    • Phones should not be allowed in possession of a phone until 18. No ifs buts or my daughter goes to her friends place blah blah blah.

    Misuse of phones ie while IN a vehicle should require the phone/s be placed under the tires of said vehicle and be run over.

    adding insult I get home door lock jams i ring bell wife comes to door with a downcast "Oh, its you" as she was expecting.. wait for it... some sr from the cong.


  • Biahi

    Please, rant away! We hear you, I’ve seen plenty of this behaviour.

  • tiki

    My thing is I just don't get how people have to be constantly blabbing to someone. Who really has that much to say.....there they are grocery shopping...yakking aimlessly at someone...I think some people think it makes them look important or popular. I think it looks stupid. Phone use imho should be reserved for necessary terse communications and emergencies.

    I hate phones. I like texting though. Far less invasive.

  • westiebilly11

    On way to work via primary school run, I'm always shocked at how most of the mothers (yes..mothers, not fathers) are on their mob phone whilst their precious children are left to wander behind or decide to cross road before mother..

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Funny you say that about texting, tiki. I am the opposite. Would much rather make a call than text. Gets the conversation and reason for contact over much quicker, and less likely to misunderstand a person's intentions when you can hear their voice. (Incidentally I hate voicemail. I despise having to sit through the vm prompts followed by some lengthy message where the caller takes forever to get around to the point and leaves their return number. I've got caller ID, I'll call you back if I want to talk! Triggered 😂🤣) I can usually say what needs to be said much quicker than I can type it...

    But I agree that people spend entirely too much time on their phones, distracted, though I dont think it's time talking on them as much as its texting, social media, and surfing the web. The phone's mutli function convenience is such a great innovation and asset, while at the same time being the bane of today's society. Double edged sword.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Speaking of Cell Phones and other 4G and coming 5G "conveniences," which have addicted so many:

    I'm still "wired" and prefer the old ways.

  • redvip2000
    Phones should not be allowed in possession of a phone until 18.

    I feel your pain, but that's nonsense. You are getting carried away. Also, turning 18 makes absolutely no difference in how stupid people are with phone or anything else.

  • zeb

    redvip. Noted. I was illustrating other items where a degree of maturity is required and I was fairly pissed off.

    Old Navy.

    excellent video. I would like a transcript of the salient points and I would fwd it onto the PM.

    One little area she has omitted is the effect of the phone thing is the effect on nature in particular ..Bees.

    Phone towers belt out sufficient radiation to kill bees. so, no bees, no flowers, no food..The warnings used in Israel and the levels set in Russia and the garments used in China are telling. But big corp don't give a fig hm they maim.

  • unsure

    I agree with one point, mainly that driving and phones don't mix.

    But this is fitting

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Im with you on this zeb. It's a phone not a typewriter. Get your face off the screen and pay attention to whats around you. When walking it is amazing how those light poles and curbs get in their way. Lol. The thing that really shows how addictive these cell phones are is when a family is out for dinner and they are all sitting there with their faces in their phone instead of talking to each other. It seems both sides of the pond has this crazy problem. Take care and watch out for those cell phone drivers. Still Totally ADD

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