help me understand: i can't find where in the new testament it states the partakes go to heaven

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  • goingthruthemotions

    so i am trying to gather some data so i could present to my wife. i keep showing her John 6 where it states you need to partake of the bread and wine to be resurrected and in union with Jesus and have everlasting life.

    but, where in the bible does it say if you partake your going to heaven? is this a WTBS twisting of scripture to fit there doctrine?

    i do believe they are eliminating the 144000 and have changes in the works after hearing the past WT article.

    remember, i only go on occasion to keep the peace. My wife know exactly how i feel, she knows i visit apostate sites, she know about the ARC...she saw the videos of Jackson herself. i think she has seen some apostate sites after i told her some stuff.

    but, most importantly she knows how much i love her. i think this past study really did hit her, because not long ago i told her that the 144000 was not a literal number. And guess what, now she can't deny my prediction.

    so, question where does it say the partakers are going to heaven or that they are anointed.

  • Simon
    It doesn't, most of it is interpretation of the hippie drug trip of Revelations and contrived scriptures to get them out of a previous interpretation.
  • OutsiderLookingIn

    The Bible doesn't say that anywhere, just like 144,000 is never mentioned outside the book of Revelation. I think they point to Luke 22:28-30, what Jesus said to His disciples after the Lord's Supper. He told them they would have a kingdom and sit on thrones to judge the 12 tribes of Israel. So it only makes sense if you've already accepted the 144,000 doctrine, which itself makes no sense. First, if Jesus was telling them they'd judge the 12 tribes (which are the 144,000), how can the disciples correspond to the 144,000/anointed? Second, it completely ignores the fact that John 6 (which you've discussed with your wife) was spoken to a larger and still not-anointed group than just the apostles who shared the bread and cup with Jesus.

    On a happier note, it seems like you're making some progress even if it is slow. That's great! Don't give up!

  • steve2

    Yes, it's sobering to think that the 144,000 is found in one book and one book only in the Biblical canon: Revelation - a book steeped in symbolism and seemingly coded language.

    And yet since Rutherford's day, the Witnesses have been led to believe the 144,000 is a literal number of all those who will ever make it to heaven.

  • goingthruthemotions

    Thanks for the info...i am really working the John 6 and John 5 chapters.

    i plan to tell her next week that i have been doing research and can't find anywhere in the bible where ii points that if you partake, that you are going to heaven and ask her to do research and help me find in the bible where it states that if you partake that your going to heaven.

  • Crazyguy
    In revelations every one that is faithful ends up in heaven before the throne. There is some indication that after they return to earth. Rev 5:9-10 in the original greek says they will reign on the earth not over it. Doesn't say they will be kings either. In fact no where in the new testament does it say in greek the are kings. Just that they will reign. It's a priestly reign like whats quoted in Deuteronomy.

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