Today's WT.... Modesty & Presumption...Missing Questions

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  • krismalone

    Today's WT study spoke about being modest and avoid presumptuousness.

    Here are 7 questions that the Watchtower forgot to add in the article.

    Questions to ask:

    01. How has the GB set a good example of modesty? Answer: By giving the other sheep a chance to build their Warwick complex and peddle their books to gain salvation without pay.

    02. How has the JW members shown modesty? Answer: By accepting the blame for "inflating their imaginations" regarding 1925 & 1975 and living a life of poverty, living off welfare and food stamps for rejecting higher education

    03. How did C.T. Russel show modesty? Answer:By telling the world that they cannot understand the Bible without his books and calling himself the "Laodicean Messenger".

    04. How did J.F. Rutherford show modesty? Answer: By advertising himself as being a "Judge" and by removing the 4 majority directors through worldy legal means instead of relying on Jehovah to fix problems like they tell all JW's seeking justice & by removing the editorial committee which was outlined in C.T. Russel's will.

    05. How did Rutherford set a good example in accepting correction & counsel? Answer: By expelling and using the Watchtower magazine to demonize Canadian Branch overseer Walter Salter and WT attorney Olin Moyle for the letters they wrote him exposing the Judge's drunkenness, abuse of power, mistreatment of the Bethel family, vulgar language and his lavish lifestyle.

    06. How does the current GB show that they're humble and accept correction? ANSWER: By refusing to apologize to the victims of child abuse, refusing to give authorities the names of confessed abusers in their database, refusing to change the policy of calling the legal dept first instead of the police regarding molesters in their midst, preferring to use donations from hard working kids, widows & seniors to pay out of court settlements instead of changing policy.

    07. How do Circuit Overseers demonstrate modesty & humility in our day? ANSWER: By having the Congregation members pay for their comfortable apartment with cable, healthcare insurance, gas card, new car, vehicle maintenance, paid vacations and green handshakes. While at the same time giving talks condemning those that work full time (those that pay for their material benefits) by using guilt trips for not pioneering and being materialistic.

  • doubtfull1799

    Don't forget this one:

    08. How did the GB show modesty by presumptuously proclaiming for over 100 years that they had been "appointed over ALL the Masters belongings" when they had not in fact received that appointment, as admitted to in the 2013 Watchtower study, which brought out the new light that that appointment will happen at the Great Tribulation?

  • Crazyguy

    Now your starting to get it.

  • blondie

    01. How has the GB set a good example of modesty?

    By putting this WBT$ GB "Rock Star" Popes Face..

    On Watchtower`s "Don`t Give Up" regional convention, invitation..

    GAWD I`M AWESOME!!..........................TONI!...TONI!...TONI!...TONI!...

    Image result for Watchtower  regional convention don`t give up.Image result for rock concert candles

  • Spoletta

    It would seem to be presumptuous to claim to be God's sole channel of communication. (Geoffrey Jackson)

  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    Yes, when it comes to "faithful and DISCREET", they certainly are masters at irony!

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