Jehovahs Witnesses in Scotland/Glasgow - can you tell me more about these elders from Matt Barrie's judicial

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  • jambon1

    Having listened to Matt Barrie's judicial committee I'd like ask about some of those involved.

    Ron Hunter - am I correct in saying that he would often chair the conventions at Perth? Very familiar name/voice.

    Ian Shanks - former CO. Does anyone know if he still does circuit work? Or what he does now? I heard he nearly got married (surprising). Was this the case? What happened?

    Martin Benzie - am I correct in saying he is in Edinburgh now?

    I may say that this whole procedure is utterly laughable. I realise people have their reasons at the time but I couldn't put myself through it. I couldn't bear them to have their stupid, ridiculous rules put upon me. Grown men treating another person like that over dogma, faith.

  • Landy
    Probably not a good idea to start naming names. Just sayin ........
  • jambon1

    Landy, it's ok in this case.

    Matt's case has been discussed openly on here by himself and others.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Ronnie Hunter appears to be one of the "usual suspects" who are continually used by their London masters for the annual convention and assemblies. From my brief encounter with him, he is clearly a 100% "company man."
  • steve2
    The link is from 5 years ago. Not sure what its relevance is.
  • jambon1
    The relevance is that I knew some of those involved in the JC and would like to know more about their current JW status after hearing them on the recording.
  • Truthexplorer
    Sorry I cant say what the current position is with the Men you mentioned Jambon, except that I am sure they are careful about wearing tight pants :-), but the point you made about not putting yourself through a JC is absolutely spot on. Who are we giving the real power to when we go through a JC? The elders?...nope. It's the 7 deluded men in Brooklyn NY who yield the power over who can speak to us and who shouldn't etc. Wasting your time standing before what I would consider deluded, but genuine sincere men at the KH - who believe that the FDS are who they say they are is in my mind a complete and utter waste of time. If change is to be made, it is from the top down, not the bottom up. I actively write periodically to this group of men using an alias name to plead for change to their very damaging policies. Going through the pain and heartache of a JC is like banging your head of a brick wall and worse. Learning about this organisations policies through their secret books and guidelines and then individually / collectively feeding back to the GB the pain and misery is the way forward. In time (and I truly belive this) they will come to see that policies such as shunning of those who choose to disassociate for eg is WRONG and make the necessary changes. The pen is mightier than the sword!
  • Tricked

    The link to this audio is no longer available. Is there any other way to listen to these podcasts? Im currently trying to fade but would be interested to hear how Ron Hunter conducts an Elder visit / JC.

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