August 2016 CLAM Videos

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  • wifibandit
  • ttdtt
    Would you say that its easy for people to replace bad habits with good habits?

    GEEZE thats the best they can do?

    And really - "better is the end of a matter than the beginning?"

    Really - always - that's always true? That is an axiom for all situations all the time?
    Wow the bible is sooo insightful - it must be written by god.

    Just come to the KH and you will stop smoking and stop being Gay too!

    That's all I could take, cant watch more.

    Thanks again wifibandit!

  • stuckinarut2

    It is not until a witness steps outside of the weekly bubble, that they see how unreal and fake such demonstrations are!

    Seriously, no one responds like that to perfect strangers at their door!.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog


    It's not even July yet, I had no idea they came out that soon . . .

  • Darkknight757

    So robotic and fake my goodness. How can grown adults be such dullards to be able to think that this garbage can actually work in a realistic setting?

  • WTWizard

    Since when does it take joke-hova to quit smoking? I never started that filthy habit, and I was not raised a jokehovian. Instead, I realized that it would be worse than just being around people smoking cancer sticks, and I hated that. So I never wasted the time and money starting in the first place.

    Also, people can and do quit smoking for other reasons. You value your health, does it take joke-hova to get you to quit? Or, suppose you realize that, for the price of a single day's worth of cancer sticks, you could have bought two silver quarters--or more. For the sake of that silver stack, you decide to quit now so you won't have to when the dollar becomes toilet paper. Or, you see what can happen to people that continue smoking. You would rather suffer a little now, instead of having emphysema from smoking. Even Satan can help people quit smoking, and there are meditations that can assist. And there are medical treatments that have got people to quit smoking, ranging from psychiatric drugs to nicotine replacement to hypnosis and even vitamins (the B vitamins and magnesium can help).

    Also, are some of those habits really that bad? Habits like masturbating and watching porn, while they can become all-consuming, are really not as bad as the washtowel paints them. Gambling, again having the potential to be all-consuming, is not that bad when you gamble below your means. Swearing? While it may disturb families with deep xian roots, is it all that bad if you mutter a swear word when something goes wrong?

    "Good(??)" habits can be misleading, too. As masturbation can be all-consuming, so can reading that damnation book and attending church. And that damnation book is nothing more than black magic used against the people to enslave us all. It is blatant when you read it without the bias--Israel mentioned as if we are all in subjection to it, Satan bound for trying to free us from joke-hova's enslaving us, people getting put to death for minor acts of disobedience to joke-hova, the sexual repressions that Jesus and Paul taught, and so on. Is reading such littera-trash a GOOD habit? Or going to church to be taught to abide by this smut? Do you wish to be in subjection to Israel--at that, the Israel of some 2,000 years ago? Unless you live there and really wish to go back 2,000 years in time, I don't think so.

  • justme

    thanks for posting once again!

  • Da.Furious

    Have you noticed the setting?

    * 2 brothers or 2 Sisters, one taking the lead - this is normal

    * 1 Brother and 1 Sister - always the brother takes the lead and a sister may read a scripture

    Never a sister taking the lead and brother standing in the back. Unless i missed one.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Totally robotic. Could only watch for 10 seconds max.


    "How can they accept that drivel as realistic?", you ask?

    It's simple. They MUST accept it as realistic. To do otherwise, would be opening Pandora's box, going down "The Rabbit Hole", or leaving the Matrix.


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