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  • new boy
    new boy

    When exactly in the 1990's did the society change their stance of the meaning of the "generation'" that would not pass away that saw 1914?

  • freddo

    The November 1st 1995 Watchtower had the study articles.

    The Nov 8th Awake had a new masthead dropping the 1914 date which up to and including the Oct 22nd Awake had specified the generation that saw 1914.

    Google "Awake masthead generation 1995"

  • sir82
  • new boy
    new boy

    thanks guys good Job!

  • cofty

    Freddo's point is important. This major study article was so vague we only knew for certain that the doctrine had actually changed when we read the masthead on the Awake.

    I remember my PO argued with me that nothing had actually changed until I showed him the accompanying Awake. It was the deceit of the Watchtower that angered me even more than the failure of the doctrine.

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