“Middle Class Joe.” Why it pays to be a Politician in USA!

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  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    Alexandria Cortez wants a raise from $174,000 to $178,900, as a cost of living increase.

    I thought she was crazy considering all her stupid rants. But I wondered how a person like her, a former bartender who was paid the minimum wage or your normal tip salary for the area, was able to command such a salary.

    In another example, Joe Biden was not born to wealth and his time as a public servant kept his net worth low. In 2014, when he was vice president, his net worth was estimated between $39,000 and $800,000.

    But now Joe Biden has started his campaign for President of the United States, 2020. He caught my attention as a possible candidate who might be worthy of my vote. After all, he has adopted a slogan that represents me; ----“Middle Class Joe”

    Middle Class Joe; what exactly does that mean? If you do a little digging you will understand what Middle Class Joe means; For a Politician!

    Joe Biden knew what he was doing when he got into Politics.

    “Joe and his Jill Biden lived on his vice president's salary - at $230,700 a year – Plus her pay from teaching English at a Northern Virginia community college.”

    Biden makes $200,000 a pop for every speech he gives.

    “The Washington Post cited 65 instances in which Biden gave a speech or appeared at a book event, noting that in 10 instances of them he did not take a fee but did have his travel paid for.

    “He and Jill signed a three book deal worth $8 million in April 2017.”

    Joe and his wife Jill purchased a $2.7 million, 4,800-square-foot vacation house in Rehoboth Beach, Del., in 2017.

    “Vacation House”

    The same can be said about the Obama’s and the Clintons and every head of State or ruler of a country or leaders of a religious organization.

    Now it’s become obvious that if you want to make good money with as little effort as possible, then learn the art of being charismatic and know how to bullshit people. If you can learn to do that, then enter the field of; “Politics” and promise people everything you can possibly think of.

    Vote for me and I PROMISE; Steady work, better health care, better housing, free education, and the American Dream will be yours.

    If you’re real good at bullshitting then you can even promise a segment of society a paradise earth, no disease, no crime, and no more dying.

    If you can or won’t get into politics, then learn the art of spotting a bull-shitter. It might save you a lot of headaches and you won’t be taken for a ride to nowhere.


  • DesirousOfChange

    See, that's another good thing about Trump. He made a shitload of money BEFORE going into politics. Probably the only president that took a step down in his personal address when moving from Trump Tower Penthouse to the White House.

  • rockemsockem

    We should make a coin with AOC on it the no sense coin. Joe has never done a days work in his life.

  • rockemsockem

    "I don't get it, she seems legit" - Dr Blasey Ford
    "I believe every word she said" - Jussie Smollet
    "She's telling the truth" - Rachel Dolezal
    "Her twitter got hacked" - Joy Reid
    "I was there and witnessed it" - Bette Midler
    "Me too" - Milano
    "this is a bonafide news story" - The Media
    "Hey man, can y'all believe this man? I mean... man" - Biden
    "I'm a real human being, and I care about real, human-like things too" - DeBlasio
    "It'sss ummm jusss justh thso... wait. what were we talking about? - Pelosi
    "This is like, literally killing everyone, even dead people" - AOC
    "In peach mints!" - Maxine Waters
    "Rape-arations right now" - Booker
    --- just squints eyes and nods condescendingly in the mirror --- Kamala
    "Hi, I'm gay, did you know that I'm gay? OK, Just making sure" - Buttegieg
    "Let's put her up in front of congress, televised" - Nadler, Omar, Schiff, swallwell
    "I hate these people" - real rape victims
    "yeah, I'm gonna vote for trump next year" - Normal Americans

  • zeb

    Politicians here just had a massive pay rise. Unconfirmed at $11,000 pa.

    But they deny pensioners and the unemployed any increase.

  • smiddy3

    You tell em zeb ,when the workers here in OZ want/need a pay rise they have to jump through so many hoops before and if they even get a small increase which can drag on for months before they get anything.

    Pensioners ? pensioners are always the last to get anything , as a last resort if they even do get anything which is a pittance anyway. And most often not.

    On the other hand Politicians want/need ? a pay rise it`s virtually automatic .

    We want it ,we need it we get it .overnight .

    There`s something wrong somewhere here.

  • rockemsockem

    And we pay into that fund Zeb. Its not doing well because they give it to every bum and lazy ass for SSI who just wont work. Or the low lifes who pump out kids like a pez dispenser. It should be law if you want to go on SSI and Medicaid you have to be sterilized

  • DesirousOfChange

    Pay raises work like this in Congress:

    There are 435 of them and it requires 50% to support the raise, or 218 of them.

    They find the ones most assuredly to be re-elected. Say, Pelosi or Waters. (Only God knows why, but they keep sending them back.) Those 218 (or whatever greater number) vote for it, like AOC saying it's overdue. The others who are at risk for re-election can then campaign that they DID NOT support the raise (but, oh well, it passes so I guess we'll just be FORCED to accept it. But I didn't want. I'd rather give it to my constituents, But I won't.)

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