"Fully Accomplish Your Ministry"—2 Timothy 4:5

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  • Silentslayer

    Helloo guys, anyone who did theyre pioneer school book and still got their notes from it? please share with me , I need answers asap , Pioneer school coming up in 2 weeks thank you! I need answers from when you were fully PIMI

  • nicolaou

    Welcome to the forum. I guess from your last comment that you're fully aware of where you are but I don't think you're going to have much luck. For one thing, most of us are quite a bit older than the average pioneer school attendee and won't have the notes you're asking for.

    More importantly, we'd be encouraging you not to go, to take control of your own life and not to prop up this abusive organisation.

    Good luck.

  • Journeyman

    It was a long time ago that I was at pioneer school, and like everything else since GB2.0 took full control, I believe it's been dumbed down (they've changed the course and produced a new book with fewer sections, removed the actual ministry part and reduced it to just one week, I think?) - so any notes I might still have wouldn't be relevant anymore.

  • punkofnice

    Sent to be recycled at the local tip some years ago.

    Remembering all things Corporation(tm), is a waste of time.

    I'm glad I'm out of that filthy, disgusting cult.

    My advice: Get out of the Corporation(tm) and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

  • Silentslayer

    Thank you guys, I will stick around as a PIMO for a while , till I become indepentdent, I am still 20 and living with my jw parents lol , For now its impossible for me to escape, got no job , still young

  • punkofnice

    SS - You gotta do what you gotta do.

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