Missing the Memorial first time in 34 years

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  • oppostate

    My wife has left to pick someone else's Bible Study half an hours drive north of us to bring them to the KH 20 minutes south of us, and pick up two other people on the way.

    This is the first Memorial in 34 years that I won't be at the KH to "celebrate".

    If I want to "remember" Jesus Christ sacrifice and his command to keep doing so, I'm doing so on my own terms. Not controlled by a despotic, oligarchical GoBo which directs most attending folks to be there but to "skip" the very thing Jesus command explicitly mentions to do. I'm also convinced that it doesn't have to be exactly on the same lunar month evening as the Jewish passover, but that "whenever" it is commemorated by someone, with faith in Christ, and belief in his promises it would be best to do it not for show or for the sake of appearances but sincerely out of one's feeling of "communion".

    If you are a Christian believer are you going to the Memorial this year?

    If you are celebrating differently then when and how often do you celebrate Jesus last supper before his sacrifice?

    If you're not a believer does it irk you to have other folks talk about this or can you let it go without nasty comments and accept someone else's right to believe or not believe in something even if it seems wrong to you?

  • whathappened

    The whole thing is un-scriptural. There is no two classes mentioned in the Bible. "One hope," remember? Clearly, from the writings, the early Christians didn't talk about some living on earth, some going to heaven. This is just another JW fabrication.

    I am an atheist now. I find the whole thing ridiculous...God demanding his own son come down to earth from heaven to sacrifice his life instead of just forgiving Adam and Eve for eating fruit!!!

  • Athanasius

    I won't be attending the Memorial this year. I left the JWs 33 years ago and don't plan to go back. Instead I'll probably attend Easter Services at the local Anglican Church this Sunday.

  • Darkknight757
    This is our first year not going either. We are sitting here, sifting through coupons while watching The Voice wondering how some of these people made it on the show.
  • scratchme1010

    Should I congratulate you guys, or say happy non-memorial year? What's the right way of showing solidarity? Either way, it is a big deal for those who are fading and separating from the WT.

    I'm glad that you posted here.

  • iwasblind

    We are Christians still. We commune with the Lord whenever we like. We are cringing at the thought of people asking us if we went but will grapple with it as it comes.

    It is funny when you thought for all those years you were following the scriptures but then the awful realisation that the memorial is nothing like the scriptures outline. Infact "The Memorial" as a term is not even in the bible.

  • freddo

    Iwasblind - if you aren't ready to tell them you didn't go to one of their "ignore fests" just say "Oh we had a change and went to a different Memorial this year, why do you ask?"

    They will say "Oh I didn't see you at ours and wondered where you were?"

    You "Yes we went elsewhere, thanks."

    Them "Oh, where?"

    You "Elsewhere." (Shrug) - repeat until they get the message you aren't saying any more.

  • WTWizard

    I don't see why anyone would reject Jesus and adamantly believe they are embracing that thing. If you wish to honor Jesus, do it right. If you are rejecting it (which I do), do it openly and honestly. No sense pretending, no sense donating spiritual energy toward the damnation of the whole world and wasting my time and energy doing so when I can play songs like Billy Idol's Plastic Jesus and openly blaspheme that thing.

  • DesirousOfChange

    We didn't go last year, but claimed we had to go to another Cong due to scheduling. It was a relief to "just say no" to the JW Bullshit.

    This year we "caved in" and went to appease family. To boycott the Memorial is the ultimate statement that you have no use for the Cult. Things are a lot peaceful with the family if they just conclude that we are "stumbled" and they allow us time to "get over it". (That won't happen!)

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    My first voluntarily missed in 50 years.

    Mind blowing . . .

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