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  • Gorbatchov

    Tonight watched at prime video the great movie The Firm again. In 1993, first time in the theatre, made direct a connection with the GB.

    Now i'm thinking: could jw.org be used for worldwide money laundry?

    Taken in cash, transfering it with worldwide branches under religion cover?


  • menrov

    I like theories of conspiracy but in this case I wonder what gave you the idea.

  • Balaamsass2

    I was looking at some of the JW tax filings with the State of California. Obviously false, multiple copies of the exact same return year after year. Just the GB again giving the middle finger to the Tax Man based on 1st amendment freedom of Religion. I wouldn't be surprised if duffle bags of cash donations were privately flown from Florida to nearby Freetown in the Bahamas and other locations, to deposit in the Swiss bank branches located there.

    The tax man is not the GB only concern. Having cash offshore is a great way to stay liquid in case of an unfriendly court slapping them with records subpoenas, asset freezes( Lis pendens) or judgments.

  • smiddy3

    It wouldn`t surprise me in the least Gorbatchov , it wouldn`t the first time they resorted to deception to gain advantage .

    Re-inventing their past history ....in other words lying about their past.

    Look at their own publication "Kingdom Interlinear of The Christian Greek Scriptures " in the word for word translation their is no Tetragrammaton ,the four Hebrew letters or any equivalent four Greek letters to represent Gods name in those books .

    Therefore the name /word Jehovah should not be in the New Testament /Christian Greek Scriptures.

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