Neglect of Adolescents by the WTBTS - Excellent Article

by Tornintwo 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • prologos

    Even in their now defunct wt "school" they totally neglect and turned off the young males. A bright young man we know has been doing 'no comment' bible readings since he was seven ( on a footstool)***. Now, as a straight "A" student enrolling in college, he is still doing bible readings.

    With the closing of the Minister[y] "school", things will even get dummer bleaker for the bright males.

    ***admittedly he had one no.4 talk on "the meek will inherit the Earth" (the 144 000 anointed of course) that he concluded it by by saying: "no matter what, is so pleasant to have some meek around us even now"

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