How many heavens are their ? 1,2,3 ?,and how many if any have been discovered by Rocket Satellite probes ?

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  • smiddy3

    How many Heavens does the Bible identify ?


    The voyager satellites have now gone beyond our Solar system in the year 2019 , taking off in the 1970`s and have never encountered one heaven of any sort in that journey .

  • johnamos

    Are you aware that there are many sounds all around us on a daily basis that are occurring that we simply cannot hear because they are not within the sound frequency of the human ear. Do you think perhaps the same is the case with our sight (eyes),

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    Rabbinical tradition says there are seven levels of heaven. The NT is the only place in the bible that mentions a third heaven and that's just one scripture. There is no mention of what is in the first heaven or the second heaven. Maybe voyager needs to go through six solar systems to find something interesting in the seventh.

  • waton

    Even the "birds of heaven" give you the first layer in the talking snake book.

    Birds rarely fly above the clouds. you need more than wfr ratings. Although they cross the Himalayas.

    80 km high is now rated as another layer, where you become an astronaut. (nothing "astro "about it obviously)

    Reaching the next level would be landing on the moon,

    Further out are the planets Venus and Mars, and have been reached too by landers.

    Asteroids are beyond that.

    Planets end at Pluto imho.

    then The Oort cloud.

    next other star.s with exo planet systems



    The universe -and may be others.

    The pre-Big bang realm of pure energy and time. period. so,

    The count is 10+, not counting asteroids, or the Oort cloud (just small planets.)

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