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  • Lostandfound

    More FB words from the deranged

    The origins of these holidays is so wicked..but Satan has blinded the many into thinking its cute and fun..HE has mislead them and people have allowed themselves to be fooled. All holidays are just as wicked and filled with pagan worship..Santa Claus, trees, presents, Valentines day, Birthdays...ETC. ALL PAGAN...ALL WICKED..ALL SATAN the DEVIL!

    only ones fooled are those screaming about a mythical Devill
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The JW religion comes from paganism.

    Since they claim their doctrines to be Bible based, consequently Jehovah's Witnesses central doctrines are drawn from paganism. The very fact that the pre-Christian saviours were born on the shortest day and ascended to heaven at the spring equinox is a sure indicator of their mythical and astrological beginnings.

    What makes sense for someone looking for a solid basis for belief; is to believe only in things for which satisfactory evidence exists.

    The rest of 'information' like religious doctrines are not worth the paper they are written on.

  • WTWizard

    What is so evil about living in harmony with the natural cycles? Or observing them? The Pagan holidays all did just that, and were spaced out throughout the year. Each had a meaning that was in harmony with the season. You had Candlemas, which was early February, that honored the dead of winter. Easter was originally a fertility rite, which coincided with spring. Most animals (and plants) reproduce in the spring to take advantage of summer's abundance.

    Beltane was a holiday at the last of April, which commemorated mid Spring. Then there was a holiday at the Summer Solstice, also appropriate for the season ahead. Lammas Day, at the first of August, was the beginning of harvest and people celebrated the season of plenty ahead. The first day of fall was also celebrated, again observing the harvest that is by now in full gear. Halloween commemorated death, which is natural because winter is approaching. As you get frosts and freezes, plants die--and that is observed. (This is part of the life cycle--natural.) It is a time of preparation for the hardships ahead, and yes the festivals of trick or treating are a form of commemorating the preparations for the season ahead.

    And Christmas is the low point of the sun. This holy day is celebrated to commemorate that the tide has turned. While it will still be cold and snowy for a couple of months ahead, the sun has reached its low point. Christmas celebrates that the sun is returning to the North, and with it hope for salvation from what otherwise would have been endless winter. People string lights, party, give gifts, and do whatever to celebrate the eventual return of the sun, warmth, and new life to replace what was lost around Halloween (yes, annual plants tend to die off around Halloween, and deciduous trees "die" in that they shed their leaves and shut down until spring).

    Now, what is so evil about observing the seasons? What is so evil about having fun doing so? What is so evil about commemorating the cycles of life, growth, death, and dormancy that happen anyways? Just because joke-hova doesn't want us knowing where we came from or where we are going--does that thing sound like something YOU want to be worshiping? Remember, once you are totally enslaved, there will be NO holidays to celebrate.

  • Vidiot

    I firmly believe that the batshit rantings of rabid loyalists was one of the major reasons the WTS demonized the internet for so long.

  • Vidiot

    @ Half banana...

    Go back far enough, and pretty much everything has "pagan" origins. :smirk:

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