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  • Under No Illusion
    Under No Illusion


    I've been perusing recent topics for a few minutes and seeing pretty much the standard JW fare these days - scandals, abuse, bad behavior, cover ups, bullying, shunning, family splits, torturous extrications from a cult, mind control etc.

    I started to TRY and think of anything the Dubs were doing that was actually beneficial to mankind in any way, and I'm struggling. Without being facetious, WTF do they do to make anybody's life better? Help me out here.


    Employment for cart manufacturers

    Employment for abuser defence lawyers

    Some stadium hire, probably big discount

    Hotel room hire

    Fast food consumption.

    Tablet sales.

    Give your Auntie Mabel somewhere to go on a Wednesday night.

    Yeah, Im reaching..

    Would be more here but all their labor costs are from slaves volunteers.


    No charity work, unless you're a loyal JW. Even then, better if you're in a disaster overseas.

    Hand over your meagre savings please. We will use it to help pay for your indoctrination.

    No higher education, so a low paying job for you, if any.

    Child abuse

    Cover up of child abuse

    Protection of abusers

    Shunning >> Split families> costly mental and emotional health issues

    No transfusions >> needless death

    Loss of government income through tax free occupation of property.

    Trauma and Suffering from Abuse, Shunning. Aged Poverty, Bullying > Huge health costs

    Non voting, no military service (kind of lazy really)

    Gas wastage on FS

    Vast paper wastage until digital age.

    Anything positive I can think of is offset. Ok they buy a lot of bad cheap suits but no birthday cakes.

    I'm sure I've missed some but they really are a LONG way in debit in terms of being useful humans, yet believe they are special. Kind of bizarre when examined this way.

    What percentage do you think know deep down that their lives are a waste but feel trapped by some circumstance. I think that number is rising with a bullet as opposed to those who genuinely believe they are about to board a train to Paradise for being good soldiers.

  • tiki

    Some people thrive on misery...

  • Phizzy

    The only one I can think of that is very tenuous is : I know of three cases where had these individuals remained as Drug Addicts they would now be dead. But having said that, support from other Institutions is probably better, and effective in far more cases.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    You forgot, they also boosted Roku sales.

    And I have it from a reliable source that their Caleb and Sophia animations were so professional that it impressed a prominent Pixar executive and that can only be done with God's spirit.

  • joyfulfader

    I faded about 10 years ago and truly believe it is a vile cult but I did benefit in one way. I started giving talks at the age of 4. I pioneered (aux and reg) for over 10 years. I gave parts on the school impromptu when people didn't show up. I learned how to speak publicly in front of hundreds of people at assemblies and I learned how to sell a universally unwanted product, religion. I have been able to turn that skill into a lucrative career in medical equipment sales. Now I am selling things that people ACTUALLY need instead of nonsensical gibberish. Cold calling with something useful is amazingly satisfying after decades of peddling crap.

  • Betheliesalot

    I know personally of 2 beautiful teen age girls that are victims of suicide thanks to this cult.

  • smiddy3

    I have to admit to one (1) pro for myself in giving up smoking after being a chain smoker for many years .

    However if I had the time I could probably list ninetynine (99) cons about the religion .

    just saying.

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