Jws banned from further suing doctors

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  • tepidpoultry


    If a jw gets drunk on an occasion, he could get a pass if it was in private, if however in public there's a much greater chance of disfellowshipping as the sin has now "maligned the reputation of the congregation"

    I got this through Michael Sherlock's FB Page, he likes to expose religious nuts,

    I wonder how the above situation is being handled vis a vis the reputation of the worldwide jw community?

  • smiddy

    The fact that JW`s seek out doctors who will take on their restrictive procedures on medical options available to them and then when things go wrong and the patient dies going against recommended medical options to minnimise problems they then go and sue the doctors /medical profession knowing the risks involved is just pathetic.

    I`m surprised that any doctor or medical profession will even consider taking on a JW patient now knowing full well they may be sued by the patient or their JW relatives.if things go against their expectations.

    The law courts should never entertain such law suits ,The JW`s know the risks and have to bear the consequences.

    Kudos for this judgement against the Jehovah Witnesses

  • Vidiot

    It's interesting to see the Org get tastes of its own medicine these days.

  • Splash

    JWs sue because they have suffered loss and need to hold someone as culpable.

    The fingers should naturally point to themselves or the organisation but their minds don't permit this logic.

    It's heinous to constrain a surgeon against their best experience, training and advice, then try to punish them for the consequences, yet JWs have no other option unless they face the reality that the organisations policies are the reason their loved one died.

  • Vidiot
    Splash - "The fingers should naturally point to themselves or the organisation but their minds don't permit this logic."

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